Saturday, December 8, 2018

How to save money by shopping at

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I have been shopping at this website for about three years and they have an awesome variety of clothing and clothes that span many seasons.

Some of my favorite pieces were purchased at  When you receive your clothes, they are clean, and pressed. These clothes are gently worn, so you will not receive items that are ragged looking. You will feel like you are shopping at your favorite boutique and they don't take to long to ship your items to you.

This website carries women, men,kids, baby, maternity, toys, and more, so you can shop there for your entire family.
Neckties, Cravats, Ties, Fashion, Men allows me to stay on my budget but still look fashionable.  Many times, I get complimented on my clothes and it is due to shopping at this website.  Matter of fact, they are having a 25% off sale.

 If you have been with me for some time you know that I love thrift shopping but there are times that I may not get to my favorite store and with this site I am still able to get my shopping on.

Vest, Waistcoat, Fashion, Jacket, Male has sales very often that will bring your total down even further.  It is fast and easy and you do not have to leave home and they have a generous return policy.

You can also find some cute coats and jackets along with great designer labels! Maybe your New Years resolution is to save money for the new year and you can save a great deal by shopping at and put the extra coins towards your dream home.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Aging in America and the effects that it has on your financial future.

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Picture of two elderly women, courtesy Pixabay

When you are young, you never think about what your life will be like when you become a senior citizen.  How you will have to worry about whether or not you will be able to afford next months rent or will you have enough money to buy your groceries for the month.

Sometimes you may even have to decide not to turn on the heat in colder weather because of the increasing cost of gas and oil.  Seniors keep many secrets from their children so they do not burden them with the financial dilemma that they are in. 

So many kids of senior citizens think that their parents are in fact, well off financially because at one time, their parents had great jobs and resources.

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Image of Elderly Woman with glasses and hat courtesy Pixabay

Some elderly people are prone to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people looking for a quick entry to their fortune.
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Image of trees and elderly man courtesy of Pixabay

The video below explains in detail what can happen to your income when you are elderly.
Please sit down with your senior family members to see what is going on with them financially and help them protect their income and also discussions should take place as to where the family member should reside if they are over their head financially.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Coupons, Coupons, Couponing!

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I always dreamed of couponing like the people on these coupon saving shows where the people go to a store and walk out with two carts overflowing with food.  They always say " I only paid 60 cents for all these items."  To me, that sounds like a plan.

I used to coupon and I still will turn in one or two coupons when I go to CVS.  Never was I able to grasp the concept of couponing and walking out the store with a big stockpile.  Really, I don't know how they do it but God bless them because it is indeed a skill.  A skill that I will have to learn.

The problem that I am having with couponing is using a coupon for an item that I am not really interested in using and paying more for a product when it is cheaper to just go with another brand.  I am not a brand specific by any means.  Canned tomato sauce is canned tomato sauce darnit!
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An apple is just an apple as long as it doesn't have black spots on it or looks like it is rotten.  There are so many people on YouTube who have this thing down to a science and I love to see them walk out of the store and then go home to figure out where they are going to store all these goodies.

Lately I have become very confused with all the new rules that CVS has concerning couponing.  Coupons cannot be used on products that are already on sale (what kind of mess is this!)  CVS is my favorite drug store but I may have to stroll right pass and go to Dollar General to get the best deals.

Maybe one day CVS will come to their senses and got back to the "good ole days" when we could go in that store and come out with bags of the great products that we used to score, not that long ago.

Below, you will see some of the people who I watch to get couponing inspiration from.

Monday, October 22, 2018

What is the gift that everyone loves? (Candy)

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Image of Candy from Pixabay

Have you ever been in the predicament of finding the perfect gift for someone who has everything?  I have and I am at that place right now.

My neighbor is having her birthday very soon and it is very hard to find out what she would like as a gift.  My friend is very sophisticated but her expensive taste doesn't fit my budget at this time.  I started researching online and came across a company who sells all kinds of candy and even the candy from our childhood that we all know and love.

I carefully searched for the candy that was out during my friends childhood and found a lot of choices.  She likes dark chocolate so it was easy to get what I think she will like.

This candy company is Old Time Candy Company and they have so many choices to choose from.  I am going to order my friend a box of candy and also give her a gift card to her favorite online store.

Would you believe this site also carries organic candy and if you are Diabetic, they have sugar free so you will never feel left out.  Plan your Halloween party around this wonderful company and have everything shipped right to your door.

Please go over and take a look at Old Time Candy Company to get ideas for some Christmas and Birthday gifts.  Candy makes a very easy but enjoyable gift.

Treating yourself to some tasty treats is fun.  I am searching for a candy called Marathon Bar.  This candy was long and it was caramel covered with chocolate and it was so delicious, so if anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday or Christmas, go right over and order it for me. lol

You can also plan a birthday party around a certain year and get the candy that corresponds to that year.

Shopping online makes life so easy!  

Sunday, October 14, 2018

You can really get a hair color kit from Dollar Tree, Yes, yes!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  I purchased this product with my own money and this is my own opinion.

Coloreazy Permanent Cream Hair Color

I saw this hair color at Dollar Tree and  I was wondering whether this product was effective or was it a product that I should avoid.  I checked out many reviews on this hair color and there were many mixed reviews, "some hated it"  and some didn't.

Some of the complaints included claims that this product did not last very long on the hair and that it was very drying. Some people had some unrealistic views regarding this product.  It only cost one dollar and the color isn't going to last forever but I feel that it lasted a great amount of time on my hair.   The good reviews said that this product worked well and the colors were very vibrant.  I decided to get this hair color and see for myself and this is what I experienced.

  1. Very dark and vibrant color and I used the Black color because they were out of the brown at the time.
  2. My hair was so shiny and pretty looking and it made my natural curls stand out.  I have natural hair so this was really a plus.
  3. The application was so easy and very fast.
  4. This hair color did not burn and I did not experience hair loss.
  5. It completely covered the gray that I had around my temples.
  6. Although I am prone to have allergy reactions, it did not occur with this product.

The cons were!
  1. My hair was a little brittle but I used conditioner and it corrected this condition.
  2. If you have thick hair which I don't, you will need two boxes.

There isn't a lot of negatives with using this hair color.  It is always great to check out the reviews before buying a product because you can then decide whether the purchase is worth you spending your hard earned money on it. You could even purchase this hair color to use on your boyfriend or husbands hair.

This hair color from Dollar Tree is a product that is especially good if you are thinking about changing your hair to a new color because you can experiment and you are not out of a lot of cash.

I forgot to take a before photo but here is the after.

I am so happy with the results of this hair color and next time I will buy five or six boxes of it to make sure that I get the color that I want because sometimes they run out of your favorite color.

This is a good product to donate to your local women's shelter along with other products from Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree, you have yourself a winner right here!

Monday, August 13, 2018

The beauty of Retro products.

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Vintage 1950S Pretty Woman Vintage Car 195
Image of woman in retro car, courtesy of Pixabay

I am a lover of all things beautiful and that includes art and memorabilia from the past.  There are not many retailers that carry a large array of memorabilia but I found one online.  Retro Planet will give you everything that you are looking for.

This online shop has Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia, Elvis, retro Coco- Cola products, James Dean memorabilia and much, much, more!

Retro Planet even carry the retro salt and pepper shakers that our Grandma had on her marble kitchen table.   I wish that I had saved a lot of products that we had used back-in-the-day.  My grandchildren sure would have had a great laugh at those products.  One thing for sure, they were well made!

People had a lot of pride back then and thank goodness we can still purchase these products and enjoy them.

You can even throw your friends a retro themed party with all your favorite 1980 characters and have a great time.

You can also get yourself a beautiful bottle, Diner sign like this one.

Remember to always enjoy life to the fullest!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

How to keep Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from ruining your work ethic.

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Image of smartphone courtesy of Pixabay.

When you are on social media you use many tools to promote yourself and your go to social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I am involved in some Facebook groups but I find myself getting caught up in the activities in the groups that do not involve promoting myself such as; chatting with others and checking out the latest fashions or staying on these sites too long instead of concentrating on my social media efforts.

You definitely have to support others so they will support you but you have to time yourself on these sites because they can definitely consume all of your time.  I have mentioned this before but the best thing that you can use is a daily planner to keep a check on your schedule for the day so you can get a lot more done instead of being involved in time wasters.

Make sure to check your email a few times a day to check on promotions or pertinent emails that you have to reply back to.
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Smartphone image courtesy of Pixabay.

I know that this is a hard one but stay off your cell phone unless it is involving work activities or emergencies.  Leave chatting with friends to do later in the day after work hours.

Don't waste too much time shopping and browsing when you are supposed to get that important work assignment out.

If you are involved in blogging, bring your camera everywhere you go to get the perfect picture at that perfect time to store in your camera until you create that great blog post.

Keep from being on Instagram all day comparing yourself to other people when you can be working on yourself.

Share some tweets on Twitter and then get off the site because many of those tweets that you read are very interesting and you will find yourself on Twitter for hours.

Don't get involved in any Facebook drama because you must think of every person that you meet whether it is online or in person, a business prospect.

Respect other peoples time so they will respect yours in return!