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Top Ten Ways To Be A Good Steward Over Your Money.

Many years ago I would hear people talk about being a good steward over your money and I thought that it was just words that Christian people would use to try to get in your personal affairs or to judge you on, but, it is a practice that I had to embrace when my financial state became very fragile at a very difficult time in my life. There are times when you just didn't know whether you were going to make it through.  These are the moments that I would grasp all the knowledge that I would hear or learned from other people in my past and I learned a great lesson and that is, " I learned more about trusting God but also being a good steward over my money".   I watched how other people lived and I began to hold onto a stronger value system.  Some people look wealthy but they really aren't.  They are spending more than what they really earn. I met a very wealthy Lady and from the outside, this person did not look rich at all.  I met her family and they lived a

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