Thursday, February 22, 2018

Is Being A YouTube Creator Worth It Anymore? YouTube Policies And New Demonetization Rules Cheats Creators!

Is Being A YouTube Creator Worth It Anymore? YouTube Policies And New Demonetization Rules Cheat Creators!

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I am a YouTuber and I have been for a very long time.  It was never my intention to start YouTube to make money, it was always a hobby, a way to unwind and connect with wonderful people all over the world and being on YouTube has afforded me this opportunity.

In the last three years, I decided to put more effort into my hobby and there were thoughts of turning my hobby into a business.  I tried very hard but there were times that I couldn't be on camera because I was sick.

I do not have a big following but the people who are subscribed to me are really wonderful and I have grown fond of everyone. 

My followers do not know it but they have gotten me through grief, bad diagnosis, and dealing with my illnesses, they are a source of healing that I found on YouTube.

Never made a lot of money on YouTube but in 2017 they came out with more stringent rules and it has affected many YouTubers.  Many of us will not be able to no longer monetize our videos because of these rules and some people rely on the little extra income that they make on YouTube.

I understand that our videos must be advertiser-friendly but a lot of videos are being demonetized because of bogus claims that they are not advertiser-friendly, this has happened to me.

It was always my goal to never curse or put anything in the videos that are vulgar or would cause shame for me and my family.  Never wanted to be a buffoon or trashy on YouTube nor did I want to be a carbon copy.  We all buy the same products and showcase them but I did not want to be a YouTube clone.

Originally, YouTube was a way for you to share your skills or your life and now it has become a pool of videos that are the same with Hollywood imaging.  Quite frankly I am tired of this!

Lately, I have seen videos of YouTube Gurus complaining that their videos being unfairly demonetized and it is bad that this is happening because they have shown proof that their videos are indeed advertiser-friendly.

Below you will see videos of different YouTube creators talking about this subject.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Attention, Attention! Scam Alert!!!!!

Attention, Attention! Scam Alert!!!!!

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Social media is a great way to spend your time to promote yourself, indulge in your hobby and finding both new and old friends, it is truly a blessing.  Social media can also be used for evil means.

There are so many people who are not who they claim to be, they are frauds.  None of their words are true, they use social media as a way to line their pockets with the money of the unsuspecting.  Their lies are like venom from a poisonous snake.

When you encounter a fraudulent person, they will appear like a friend but it will take no time before you will see what they are aiming for. Do not give them any personal information!

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You will hear all sorts of stories to gain your confidence and before you know it, they will try to scam you out of your cold cash.

Be very careful who you let into your life because these scammers use social media as the devil's playground, the truth is not in them.

There are so many stories that appear like they are valid but they are not.  You will hear a lot of holes in the stories of these liars.

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Some of these people will use any means to try to get a hold of your money.
What these people don't know is, there are many people who police social media searching for the frauds and scams and they will wait for you to slip up and next thing you know, you will be caught!

Frauds don't realize, their story never adds up and it is very easy to detect their lies.  Each lie is greater and greater than the other.  Trust no one and remember, these scammers can be stopped.

You can report internet scams and file a complaint to Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center.  Right Here! or call your local police.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Hello, everyone, I just wanted to share my fake UGGs with you.  These boots have some flaws but they are so comfy.  You make your own decisions whether to buy replicas or not.

I want to see just how long these fakes will last.  Next time I will purchase the real thing.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Wonder Washer Washing Machine Review By SashaMoniqueTalks (Video)

I have owned this Wonder Washer washing machine for 10 years and it works great.  If you live in a small apartment or an RV this machine is for you.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How to save money on food- The best way!

How to save money on food- The best way!

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Going food shopping can really be a chore and trying to find the best deals can be difficult.  There are many stores where you can get your food for a lower price and you can definitely learn the skills such as; couponing to cut corners.

Buying in bulk can really save money because you will have to shop less often.  Creating a weekly meal plan will allow you to make meals that will include some of the older items that you may have stored in your deep freezer and this way you can save money by using this food instead of throwing it away as long as it is still edible.

Writing a list of what you need will help you to avoid impulse shopping.

Below you will see videos regarding this subject and they are truly helpful in reaching your goal of saving money on food.

Friday, January 19, 2018

How Are You Doing With Managing Your Money?

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How are you doing with managing your money?  The new year just started and it is still time to learn how to save money for that summer trip or towards your dream home.

  You can start small just to get in the habit of saving and practice it every day, that means take a couple of days a week and don't spend any money. Put any change you have into a jar and save towards a small goal, you have to start somewhere.

I have always been told that money attracts more money, it is not hocus pocus but the more money you have, you have more options and opportunities to make that money work for you.

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Never tell anyone how much money you have and also, that you are saving money because it is none of their business.  People have a tendency to want to spend your money while they blow their own.

Below, are videos that may be of some interest to you on this subject.