Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Dollar can go a long way at Dollar Tree.

A Dollar can go a long way at Dollar Tree.

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There are so many ways to save money and one of the top ways is by shopping at Dollar Tree.  You can really save a bundle.  There are many videos on YouTube which show you how to turn your Dollar Tree finds into something really beautiful.

I have heard some people saying that you cannot find anything of quality from a Dollar Store but you really can.  Check out some of the product reviews for Dollar Tree products and you will get a review that is truthful and you will find out about how to use these products and they will also tell you about
some of the products that they didn't care much for.

You are not taking any chances when shopping at Dollar Tree because you are only risking a dollar so it isn't no big deal.

Below, you will see videos of some of the wonderful things that you can get at Dollar Tree.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

How to deal with a financial disaster.

How to deal with a financial disaster.

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Today, you got your pink slip and told that your services are no longer needed.  You put your all into this position and this job was a blessing because you were out of work for two years.  So many things had to be put on the back burner because you had to travel an hour and a half to work because there were not positions located locally.

 To start your job, you had to use your credit cards because you had to charge one thousand dollars to get your professional attire together to start this job, and you needed money to commute.  A lot of money was spent out before you started working and this created debt that you couldn't escape.

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During your time of unemployment, you struggled with depression and no one knew what you were dealing with because you tried your best to not wear your problems on your sleeve. A lot of people thought you were doing well financially because you kept yourself well groomed while going through the process of financial disaster.

You had contemplated suicide if things did not get any better.  The main thing that you didn't want, was your family to see you as a loser.

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What I want you to know, many of us have dealt with financial ruin even me.
I had to leave an abusive relationship many years ago and I had student loan debt.  Yes, I was embarrassed because I felt like a failure, it was so hard to recover as I had a very small child.

Below, you will see my video regarding this.

It was a day-by-day struggle to make ends meet and yes, I dealt with depression, but as 
I look back I can see that this struggle made me stronger because it gave me the tools that 
I needed to make it through.

I am only telling you this because you lost your job which is a very serious thing but keep pressing on
because God will definitely make a way.  When you are dealing with financial issues, the only way is to go up and you have learned the lessons to keep you from experiencing this ever again.

There will be another job because you have the experience under your belt and hopefully you can find a way not to depend on credit cards because they are " the devil.'

Clue your family members about what you are going through financially, they may even be willing 
to help you, if not financial, maybe lead you to a new job.

Stop being embarrassed about things that are beyond your control.

  • Take any help offered to you.  There are many agencies who are willing to help you, you just have to seek them out, some even provide services to help you get back to work.
  • Do not wear your clothes around the house that you use for work.  Wear Jeans or sweats and this will prevent you from wearing out or damaging your good clothes.
  • Go to the Library and read a lot of books regarding making an impressive resume or books that will teach you skills to make you more employable and attend free workshops.
  • Venture out of your area and out of your comfort zone because sometimes the people who you may think are at the lowest part of the totem pole will be the ones who can tell you where to get free training or free food.
  • Goodwill, Salvation Army, and The United Way are some places that you can call to see if they know or provide job training or job placement and if they don't they may know who you can call.
  • Pray and ask God to be your provider and he will.

    I hope all these tips are helpful and if you know of any more tips that will be helpful to someone who is seeking a job, please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Shooting At YouTube Headquarters ( There must be gun control!)

There must be gun control!

In spite of the shooting that occurred at the YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, CA, there has to be some real conversation and real solutions concerning gun control.  We are seeing incidents like this happening at alarming rates.

We will never feel or never be safe until gun control takes place and we can no longer sweep it under the rug.  Below you will see videos concerning this incident.

I know a lot of changes have occurred with YouTube concerning their monetization program but that does not give anyone a reason to kill someone because of this.

All YouTube creators have been affected because of their changes in their policies. A lot of people are losing views and revenue.  I urge any YouTube creators to not put all their eggs in one basket.

 You cannot depend on YouTube alone and you have to create multiple streams of income.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

5 Dollar Tree must- haves.

5 Dollar Tree must-haves. 
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Many of us know that you can get so many things from Dollar Tree.  I have purchased products that have become my favorites.

1.One of the first things that I look for at Dollar Tree is Body wash.  This store has a great variety and they have Body wash in some fabulous scents.  You can stock up on your favorites without biting into your weekly or monthly budget.
Silkience Moisturizing Body Wash with Shea Butter, 24-oz. Bottles

2. You cannot go wrong with Dollar Tree's Shampoo and Conditioner.  They have a large variety of the best products for Volumizing, Clarifying,  and hydrating your hair.  You can find the one that I use here from Dollar Tree.

Silkience Pro Formula 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, 32-oz. Bottles

3.  I love this Dust Pan, you don't have to bend over and strain your back and it is only a Dollar, which means that you can never go wrong with this one.

The Home Store Lobby Dust Pans, 29½"

4.  I love getting my Glassware from Dollar Tree because it is pretty and affordable and if I happen to drop and break it, I can always go back to Dollar Tree and find a  replacement.  Their Glassware fits any Decor.
Brand-Name Textured Glass Coolers, 18 oz.

5.  I have said on many occasions that I love Dollar Tree LA's Totally Awesome Laundry Detergent.
I have been using this Laundry Detergent for years and I love it so much because you get a good lather with this laundry detergent and it cleans your clothes really well.

  I have never been disappointed in this laundry detergent and I am sure that you won't either.  Go to Dollar Tree and stock up on your favorite formula, all of them work quite well and it cleans on the level of a top-of-the-line laundry detergent and you are only spending a Dollar.  You cannot go wrong at all.  If you are not able to go to your Dollar Tree, then, go to their website and order online.

Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent, Rain Fresh Scent, 64 oz.* This is one of my favorites!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Is Living Off The Grid Means Totally Denying Yourself?

Is Living Off The Grid Means Totally Denying Yourself?

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Hello, everyone, as you know I like saving money and living on a budget.  I have even thought about living off the grid and I have a tendency to find alternative ways of doing things to lower my dependence on some of the so-called modern conveniences.

Mind you, I am a city gal through and through.  My Mom always instilled a sense of independence that I could never learn from anyone else.

  She always taught us about survival skills and things that we could do if there was a storm and we couldn't wash clothes because electric went out or maybe you had a loss of a job and you needed clean clothes for an interview, you always had those old-fashioned skills at your disposal.

My Mother didn't shove these ideas down our throats because we had the modern conveniences at home but she came from the South, from another time and place.  A place of struggle but self-reliance and making a way out of no way.

I love and appreciate the values that she instilled in me and my siblings.

Laundry Leash Dry Dry Laundry Hang Laundry

I read articles and like checking out Blogs in reference to living off the grid and I have learned a lot more skills regarding this subject but I was really puzzled about some things.

 A lot of people who wash clothes by hand make their family wear the same clothes over and over without washing them because it is so much work washing by hand when you have a big family.

Some clothing items are worn for five or more days without washing and they make claims that you can do this and you will not smell funky.

 I have been around people who believe that they can wear Jeans a week or so and they do not have to wash them because they think that Jeans don't hold an odor but I am here to tell you, that is not true.

I was around a person two weeks ago and they smelled really bad because their Jeans had a horrible body odor.

Getting back to living off the grid; I think that if your family is so large that you are too tired to keep your families clothes clean, you may need to buy a washing machine and do your big loads that way because it does not make any sense to me to send your family out with dirty clothes because you want to live this lifestyle.

Or, if your kids are big enough, delegate a couple days a week for them to help you with this chore.  It is never okay to walk around with dirty clothes or bad hygiene just to save a buck or because you are hell-bent on living off the grid.

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If you use your washing machine for two times a week and hand-wash your clothes the other times it is needed, you would still save money.

You can even find a big barrel to soak your clothes with laundry soap that is slightly dirty and the next day rinses them and hang them out to dry, this works because I have done this many times.

Find ways to make it easy on yourself and still live this self-sufficient lifestyle.

Friday, March 23, 2018

You Can Really Have A Dollar And A Dream With Dollar Tree.

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I have been shopping at Dollar Tree for a long time now and I have found so many deals at this store.  You can get personal care items such as dish soap, laundry detergent, food, storage containers, candy, and etc.

Have seen so many Dollar Tree hauls and I have showcased items that I purchased from Dollar Tree also. This store is a lifesaver when you are having a party and they even have items that you can use for a wedding.

I am a laundry detergent Queen so Dollar Tree helps me to get everything that I need for my home without going over the household budget.

Their stores are popping up everywhere and I think it is a great thing.  Years ago my Aunt said that there is not anything worth anything at the Dollar store but Auntie, you were wrong, I have gotten so many great things at Dollar Tree and it is really a blessing to many of us who are taking the extra money that we are saving to go towards other things that we want.

That is the key, cutting corners in one area to be able to afford other great things such as vacations, luxury items and etc.

One great thing about this store is, you can order many things Online so that means that you can stock up on your favorite items without leaving your home.

You can also have your favorites send to your Dollar Tree and pick them up.  Now that is a win-win situation.

Everything Is Just $1 At!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Rest In Peace Ms. Rita Owens.

 Rest In Peace Ms. Rita Owens

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I just found out that Queen Latifah's Mom, Ms. Rita Owens has passed away.  My heart is so sad because I spent some time with her in 2004 when a family member of mines was dying and she was a great comfort to me.

I had some good conversations with her at that time and I told her about my Heart condition and I did not know that she was suffering from the same Heart Disease.  She told me to hold on to my faith in God and she didn't know that she helped me to carry on and live.

She was one of the most sincere and down to earth Woman that I have ever met and I am so sorry to hear that she passed away.  

Dana Owens, I am sending you a big hug and pray that God gives you comfort at this time.  Your Mom was very strong in the Lord and hold on to your faith and it will get you through.