Tuesday, August 26, 2014



I am a youtuber and some of you know that I suffer from Androgenetic  Alopecia and it is a condition that I will have the rest of my life.  I have become a wig lover because of this disorder.

 I am very passionate about wigs and it can be sort of a fashion statement.  I used to buy wigs and when they started to look a little frizzy; I would just toss them in the trash, but now I have learned how to take care of them. 

  • You will need a wig head .
  • Shampoo ( Any Brand)
  • Comb
  • Hair Conditioner  or liquid fabric softener.
  • Hair or wig sheen spray.
  • Towel

You will first take your basin and fill it with lukewarm water with half of teaspoon of shampoo.
Then take your wig and dunk it about 3 times and do not rub it.  You shall then take it out the basin and rinse it in lukewarm or cold water.

  Empty your basin and put some more lukewarm water in and a tablespoon of hair conditioner or fabric softener and put wig in and let it sit for about a minute.  Take the wig out and lightly dry it with your towel.  Then put it on your wig head and lightly spray with your wig sheen.  When wig is finished drying; put a little more wig sheen and comb it lightly.  Do not comb or brush curly wigs; straighten curls out with your fingers.

You are now finished

                                      FINISHED RESULT

Monday, August 25, 2014



                        RAINBOW SHOPS END OF SUMMER SALES

Hello Ladies: Rainbow Shops is having their end of summer sales and what that means to us is; Bargains!  This is the best time to stock up on clothing for next summer and it is also the best time to find items that are convertible to wear in the fall and winter.

 What I usually do is; buy tank tops and tee shirts to wear under a cardigan or a jacket.  I look for sandals to wear next year.

You can buy all those cute dresses for about $7.00 and don't forget; Rainbow Shops have an online shop with nice clothing and the shipping is very reasonable.  This is the perfect time to stock up.




  1. First, you want to get a small plastic or glass container.
  2. Get any brand Shampoo
  3. 1 teaspoon
  4. 1 toothbrush

What you want to do is put 1 teaspoon of Shampoo into your container and fill it with hot water.
Take pieces of your Jewelry and dip it in the solution and then take your toothbrush to lightly scrub on top of the gemstones and scrub a little under if you can.

Be careful not to scrub so hard that you loosen the stones.  If you have Emerald Jewelry, do not scrub the stones. 

Then you will rinse the Jewelry off and put it into you Jewelry cleaner and let it soak for about a half hour.
Take it out of the solution and rinse it and then dry to a shine with a lint free cloth.

I use this to keep my Jewelry sparkling at all times. * Do not soak Sterling Silver Jewelry.
* Do not soak costume Jewelry.


Thursday, August 21, 2014



When i first started going to the thrift store, i would go down each aisle to see what little gems i could find but what i found was frustration because, i was  missing some good items because i didn't have a system.

  One day i overheard a conversation between two ladies and one said that she sell some of her items on ebay and she was discussing what aisle she would hit to get to the gold.  I took the time to watch this lady as she shopped and when i looked into her cart; she had all kinds of beautiful coats, shoes, and even some jewelry pieces.  I didn't know that some of these items even existed at this particular thrift store.  She didn't waste any time and she walked out that store with mostly designer dud's. So on this occasion, i learned how to truly shop smart at the thrift store.

Now, on to the Ten Things I Look For When Thrifting;
  1. Handbags: The first thing i look for is the handbags located in back of the showcase, because handbags in this area,are mostly designer items.
  2. Dresses: I hit the dress aisle next because this is where you will find some nice, expensive dresses because people are getting rid of dresses that they wore during a special event such as; a wedding, graduation, or another formal event.
  3. Shirts and Blouses: I go right to the aisle with the shirts and blouses because the thrift store usually have an abundance of these items in good shape. I buy lots of these.
  4. Skirts:  I usually look for black skirts because you can find any shirt or blouse to match perfectly.
  5. Sweaters: Next I go to the sweater aisle to stock up on some nice sweaters.  If I see an abundance of sweaters in the summer; i will grab these so i will not have to get any during the winter.
  6. Shoes:  I look for these and when i see a pair that isn't too worn, I hurry up and throw these into my cart.
  7. Coats: I sashay to the coat aisle to see what i can find.  You can find some nice spring coats and jackets during the winter season.
  8. Blazers:  I look for these because i usually cannot find a whole suit that fits me perfectly at the thrift store. I can wear these with skirts or slacks and make a nice outfit.
  9. Electronics:  I look in this area for anything electronic that is in good condition, such as; printers, camera's, computer monitors, lamps and etc.
  10. Books;  I look for these on my way out of the store and i usually look for self help books, computer books or money management books.

Ban Shower Fresh Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant


                             BAN SHOWER FRESH INVISIBLE SOLID

I purchased this Deodorant back in 2011 and i had many coupons to use at RiteAid and I bought so many, that it lasted me for 3 years and i still have about 4 left.  This Deodorant keeps me nice and dry throughout the day and the scent smells fresh without being overpowering.

 I will purchase this Antiperspirant again, with or without coupons because it is quite affordable and it is a quality brand.  You can buy this at any dollar store or even at your local supermarket


                                  Super Nail Nail Polish Thinner

This Super Nail  Polish Thinner is one of my favorite things because i have tons of Nail Polish and this helps to keep them at the right consistency.  I purchased this at my local Beauty Supply and it was $2.99.  I found out about this product from a Nail shop in my area.

                                          Silk Beauty Bar

I am a person with very sensitive skin and i cannot use some soaps because i will break out in hives and my Doctor told me to bathe and shower with very mild soap. During my search, i found this soap at my local dollar store and it is really good.  Some of the fragrances are strong but this brand carries a big variety and my favorite, is their formulation called Natural.

  You get three bars in a pack for $1.19.  I can only find this brand at my dollar store in my area.  This soap is long lasting and it will keep you fresh and clean all day.  I suggest if you find it in your area; buy multi packs. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thrifting is soooooooooo easy

This is a collection of some of my thrifting video's, so you can see my thrifting skills in action.
Thrifting was once looked upon, as an activity geared towards people who were homeless, hard on their luck and also thought of as being tacky.


Thrifting is my hobby and i just love to see what i am going to get during my hunt and people actually think that i pay a lot of money for my clothing.  You have to learn what materials and brands to get.

  If you are into designer clothing; the thriftstore is a great place to get them for pennies on the dollar.  You can find a large array of Dooney, Coach, Prada and etc.  I also like to shop on the clearance rack at stores such as; Macys, JCPenney, Sears and clothing from some discount stores. 


This Sunlight Dish Detergent is real concentrated and it smells great.  A little goes a long way
I just wanted to share one of my favorite hairdress, conditioning products.    Lusti Organics is a cream that is formulated for dry hair.  I have been using this for about 3 or more years and at the time, I picked it up by accident, but i have been buying it ever since. 
When i take my wigs off to give my hair a rest; I wash it and put Lusti Organics on and it makes my hair so soft  and manageable. Lusti only cost $1.00 from my local dollar store and they have different formulations.  
My Mother use this product also and she loves it.  It is not greasy and it has a pleasant smell and it would be great to use it on your children's hair. You can go to Dollar Tree because they carry it also, but make sure that you don't order it online because, i have seen it on some websites for $5.00 and that is ridiculous because with five dollars you can buy five at the local dollar store.
This Laundry Detergent really works well!
I purchased this from my local dollar store and it has a nice vanilla smell with hints of Jasmine in it and it works better than some of the name brand products out there, that i have tried.     
I believe in this product so much i think that you can get a few bottles along with some other beauty products and put it in a nice basket and make a nice gift for birthdays, wedding showers and etc.       
Hello;  My name is SashaMoniqueTalks and i am an avid Thrifter and I just love saving money.  I am here to show you my methods for saving money and how to get the best deals.  I love doing product reviews, so you will see products that i try and purchase and the savings that i got.  I will also show  you products that i wasn't pleased with.  I also touch on other subjects at times. So Please Stay Tuned.