Wednesday, December 24, 2014


                                                 Merry Christmas

As children, we count the day's until Christmas with so much excitement and joy because we know that when Saint Nick makes his appearance we will be blessed with wonderful toys to play with and so much happiness is in the air.  I can remember as a child running downstairs to the basement to see what Santa brought and playing with my dolls with my Sister; those memories are so heartwarming.

When we become adults we are faced with so many things on our plate such as; Rent payments, Car payments, and the list goes on and on.

Being that there are many people out of work, many of us are faced with wondering where the next meal is going to come from.

Christmas time can be wrought with a lot of sorrow but we still have to put on the brave face so our children can have good memories.

So here are some way's to beat the holiday blues:
  1. Buy some sweet treats for yourself and the children and put it in a very festive bowl to boost the holiday spirit and make some decorations yourself to make your environment more cheerful.
  2. Put on some happy Christmas music and dance around with your children and don't forget the Camera, so when your children are older, they can get a big kick out of the funny faces you all were making.
  3. Buy yourself some Candles from the Dollar Store and Bath Salts and take a relaxing bath and then put on your favorite PJ's
  4. This is very old school but what the heck!  Invite some of your friends over and have a card party and ask your friends to bring snacks or food to cook and just enjoy each other.
  5. Play some computer games or play a board game with your children and other family members.
  6. Give one item away to a needy family and when you see the joy on their faces, this will bring you happiness
  7. Ride around the neighborhood to see all the Houses with Christmas lights and decorations.
  8. If you have a Digital Camera, make funny videos and upload them to Youtube.
  9. Help serve food to the homeless on Christmas to bless those less fortunate.
  10. Bake cakes and decorate them with your children. And exchange small, meaningful gifts with each other even if they are handmade.
  11. Watch some of your favorite childhood movies with your children or family members.

I have used some of these tips myself when money was tight and it really helps.
The main things are to enjoy life and make the best of the situation you are in and believe in a better future and it will come.

If a family member has passed on and you are suffering from depression, talk about the good times you remember and it will really help.

If you are severely depressed, please call 911 or the Suicide Prevention Hotline at  1800-273-8255.


Sunday, December 21, 2014




I just love wearing a dress and being a lady.  Dresses are so easy because you just need a nice pair of shoes and a nice handbag and you are ready to go.

Some of these dresses have a simple styling and that Is what I look for when buying a dress because I don't like clothes that are fussy.

I admire these dresses because they are stylish, yet classy.  Dresses can stand alone or they can also be paired with a blazer, shawl or jacket.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


                                              DEEP FREEZER

I know you are looking at this freezer and saying WTH! I use this item as a way to save money.
You can buy meats when they are on sale and stock up.  I am able to prepare cakes in advance and slice them up and put them in and I have an easy little snack for weeks or months to come.  When your local supermarket have sales on ice cream and ice pops you can stock up for your children and you will not have to run out at the last minute. 

Meals can be prepared in advanced for the week and if you do not feel like cooking you have food waiting for you that can be microwaved or warmed in the oven.  You can use this freezer to prepare some of your Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner in advanced and then you only have to prepare very few items, the day of.

Some people don't think of a Deep Freezer as a way to save money but my suggestion is; just buy one and see.  They do not cost much and you can get one between $160.00- $300.00.

When rice and bread goes on sale for less than $1.00, it is your time to stock up and you will be able to save much more money than before.

I like to catch sales on some frozen foods such as; Tv dinners, onion rings, tilapia, and anything that can be a time saver and not a money waster. lol

A freezer is a good way to freeze your lunch to take to work.  If you can cut your eating out days to just once per week you will be able to hold on to more money that you can put towards your savings or something special for yourself.

Thursday, December 11, 2014



I am so thrilled that this year presents itself with Metallics.  I am such a fan because I am a child of the seventies and eighties and I remember the glory day's of Donna Summer, Patti Labelle and Diana Ross, proudly wearing this style of clothing and I include hints of glitz in my wardrobe.

Metallics  could always be seen in shirts, sweaters and handbags.  I used to watch Dance Fever and see the ladies dancing the night away in shiny dresses and sequins and this image has been in my mind forever.

A few years ago, some people would not be caught dead in a anything glitzy.  I am so glad that glitz and glamour is back this year and I hope that it is a lasting trend.

If you don't want to do the metallic dress, then, you can take just some key pieces such as; belts, handbag, shawl, necklaces, shirts and tanks, and you will be able to stay fashionable without looking like you are wearing a metallic uniform.

I will be getting a gold lame handbag and one in bronze, this year.

I believe that this display shows glitz done the right way.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This is a beautiful interpretation of black and blues.  The new shades of blues that are out this year are very exciting and mixing with the black, just presents new ways to stand out without overdoing it and gives you a very sensual presentation.  I have always been a fan of black and blues but I find that with the royal blue, it takes it to the next level.

You will notice in this display, there are hints of metallic accessories and that just gives an added punch and pizazz.