Tuesday, February 24, 2015


                                                    ONLINE CATFISH

When we think of a Catfish we usually think about the fish who is big and slimy and it has whiskers like a Cat.  This fish feeds off just about anything and it is quite strange looking.

Since the start of the Internet we have seen many case of Women and Men getting taken advantage of by some Man or Woman on an online website pretending to be a suitor.  They will send you a message and when you look at their online profile, it is usually a picture of a very handsome Man or a very pretty Woman.   The picture usually looks like a professional photo and the person looks like they could be a celebrity or model.

A Catfish is usually looking for someone who is older,or a person who they may not consider attractive.  They tend to read online profiles and search out people who have lost a spouse or someone who is vulnerable.

You will notice that their messages seem like they are written by someone else and most of the time, it will be misspelled.  A false suitor will ask you to communicate with them off the website and this is a red flag.

They will message you and tell you that you are beautiful and they could not resist your picture and they want to start a relationship with you.   Usually you will hear a sad story about their spouse being deceased and they have young children.  Always, they like to tell you that you are their soul mate and they start acting very aggressive regarding starting a relationship with you and they start to talk about marriage.

This all happens in a matter of weeks or a month after they approach you online.  You will notice that they will start to make up stories about needing money for an emergency or money to come and see you.  If you send money one time, they will assume that you are desperate and they will continue to say that they love you and ask for more and more money.

Every time they say that they are coming to see you, another emergency comes up and they will say that they are stuck in their country and need more money to pay fines and etc. 

These people are usually from another country and they use form letters to copy and send to you.  A lot of times they are communicating with you online from an Internet Café. They always have the right words to say.

After people see all the stories on television; people still continue to fall victim to these kinds of scams.  The thought is "This will never happen to me." 

I saw a story of a Woman losing four million dollars to a low life scam artist and I saw a few stories with Men finding out that they have been scammed and still continue to send money until they are totally broke.

We have to learn that it may be best to find romance the old fashioned way and that is, going out and socializing with like minded people to find a relationship.
Even older adults can find clubs and outings geared toward more mature people and see what is out there in the real world.

It is good to still be aware of people who may have a hidden agenda. It is wonderful to meet someone and share your life with them but please remember if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

If you are still considering going online to meet someone, then you need to practice online safety and never, never, send anyone money and if they ask you for anything, block them.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


                                            Keeping Up With The Joneses

There are many times in our lives that we can remember that perfect women or couple who seems to have it all together.  They never have a hair out of place; they are sporting the finest of designer wear, glasses, handbags and cars.

These are the people who have the best friends who you think are on the same level and they are always going to dinner and social events and they all seem like they are in this bubble of fabulosity.

Their children have the best clothes, gadgets and go to well appointed schools.  We see these people and we become envious and wonder, can we achieve the same things in life.

Some of these folks have their noses up in the air and they are very flashy and they make sure to tell you about the latest high end bauble they have purchased. 

Have you really sat down and really thought who these people are?  Who are these people, the Joneses?  
Well, I have watched many talk shows and heard of some personal stories about who these people really are.  They are just ordinary people who maybe have grown up in poverty or ordinary hard working families and they promise themselves that, one day, I am going to look rich, even if I don't have two pennies to rub together.
What you do not know is; some of these people are in foreclosure and they are living off credit cards. Some are in so much debt, they cannot sleep at night.  A handful of these folks are involved in some illegal activities, so, they can continue to keep up the front.
There are people who hire thieves to go to high end stores and steal designer clothes so they can continue this façade.
The Joneses are an illusion and we have to learn to stand in our own truth and know that if we work hard enough we can have these things and more.
There is not anything wrong with living well but if you are doing this in order to get praise, recognition and you don't have the means to pay for these things, you are living a lie.
We all have to learn how to invest our money in things that will flourish and grow, so that we will never have to live the lie of the Joneses.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Cooking Video's

                                CABBAGE RECIPE

                         BARBECUED TURKEY CHOPS RECIPE

                         YELLOW RICE RECIPE

                          TASTY MEATLOAF RECIPE

I include these video's because the best way to save money is to prepare your own food.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


                                NEW POTS AND PANS AT S&A STORES

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!  You know the last time you cooked your last big dinner, your cookware was looking a bit shabby.  Yes, that pot was on its last leg but you remember that beautiful roast that you cooked in it and then, you remembered that this is the pot that Aunt Jackie gave you when you first moved out on your own.

A lot of times, our cookware hold many special moments and a lot of sentimental  value.  Yes, I am talking about me, but sometimes it is just time to let that raggedy pot go to the pot and pan junkyard.

First I was going to order some pots and pans, but I decided to go to S&A to see what they had available and I was happy that I went, because, I was able to pick the size pots and pans that I wanted without getting a whole set and the good thing is; if you do want a whole set, you are still able to create one at this store.

The post and pans that I saw were of good quality and if you have this store in your town; go in there and take a peek and you may decide that you will create your own set too.

Monday, February 9, 2015







This is a good Bagel Sandwich to make and you can even carry it to work for Breakfast or Lunch.

  1. You will need to take a Bagel and slice it and warm it slightly in your Microwave.
  2. Cook your Bacon.  You will need three slices per sandwich
  3. Scramble your eggs

So now, you want to take your Bagel and put the egg first.  Then you will take the cheese and put it on top of the eggs.
Next you will take your Bacon strips and add that to the sandwich.

Take your sandwich and Microwave just enough to make the cheese melt slightly and then you are done.

I make this sandwich very often and it is very tasty.

I hope that you enjoyed this recipe.  You will save a lot of money by making this.



Friday, February 6, 2015


This is a  perfect example of expensive clothing done right.         
Look at the lean straight lines and it is classy and the fabrics speak
for themselves.
 In this example, you will see the straight lines, but you also see where they tried to get a little daring with the animal prints, but, it is done in a manner where it has some sophistication without it being tacky.                                     
The answer is yes, there is a very big difference between expensive and inexpensive clothing.
If you notice in the examples; the outfits have straight lines and they are simple in their styling but the fabric is so expensive looking, you can tell it would cost a pretty penny to purchase it and it is outfits that you would be able to wear 10 or 20 years from now.

So you may ask; why should I buy these instead of going to the trendy, inexpensive clothing stores?
The answer is; the price of one of these items are in fact low because you will be wearing it longer; you can mix and match with some of your other items in your wardrobe, to create new looks.

Expensive fabrics have a nice feel and the texture is smooth and if you look at the stitching; they all lie flat.
If you are buying expensive clothes; I would suggest that you purchase items that can be machine washed.

What is wrong with buying inexpensive clothing?  Nothing at all!
The problem with cheaper items it that the stitching is sometimes crooked, the fabrics don't hold up all that well, they tend to go out of style faster, and they can look cheap at times.

You are probably scratching your head at this point saying " I thought this blog was about saving money"

It is about saving money because I am unable to purchase some of these items myself, but the solution that works for me is; buying these expensive designer items at the thrift store or consignment shop. I can get this clothing for literally five dollars or less and I look for plain styling in expensive clothes so I can wear it for a long time.

You can buy expensive clothes from the clearance section at  major department stores and get a real bargain

Now, the best thing you can do, if you are buying inexpensive clothing, but want a more classy look to your wardrobe is to buy items in plain colors such as, beige, black, grey, blue and brown and buy only 2 or 3 trendy color items and you will be able to mix and match and create a look that is going to fool the eye to make it look more polished.

I would suggest also, that you purchase a nice, classy looking handbag and shoes and that will make all the difference.