Thursday, July 30, 2015

White and Casual with just a bit of Lace.

I saw these cute outfits and I just had to stop and stare because the outfits are very simple, but, I love the color combinations with the Lace.

Lace is back in style and you can create this look from your thrifted items.  You can take items that you already own and take them to a tailor, so that they can apply the Lace.

You will save so much money and you will have the fashions that are in vogue, but, at a fraction of the cost.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Comfortable and Fashionable


I love these fashions because they are easy, breezy, and you can add a little jewelry and a nice pair of heel's and handbag and you are set.  I think this would look very nice on a young lady with nice legs and toned arms but it could also be worn by an older woman if she would wear longer shorts or capris and add a cute jacket if her arms are less than perfect.

Friday, July 24, 2015


This Dress in the center just stands out because I love colorful clothing and I think this design can accentuate all figures. This is definitely a head turner!  I will put this on my July wish list.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What I Think About The Trophy T-shirts From Target

This morning I saw a news story regarding the T-shirts that Target is selling with the word Trophy on it.  I am so glad that people are speaking up about this shirt because in the last decade or so, I have seen a lot of shirts and sweat pants with derogatory terms on it, such as; Bad B, Wifey, Gold Digger, and I am so tired of seeing these negative words.

It is time for our young ladies to see more positive images.  There is nothing wrong with being a wife; I support families and I think that marriage should be promoted in our society, but, I don't think that ladies should wear clothing containing words of being someone's property.

Some people are saying that these shirts are just a joke or a gag but these are subliminal messages to young girls and I think that it is time for companies to make shirts with positive words.  We want our children to be well rounded but we don't want them to be someone's trophy. 

Words mean a lot and if you don't agree with these negative words and symbolism, then I suggest that we stop purchasing these demoralizing products.  We do have a voice in society. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015



You just found out that you are pregnant and the first reaction is usually joy but as a few weeks go by, you usually start to feel fearful, that you may not be prepared for a baby or that you may not be a good parent.

There are things that you can do to prepare for your new baby and make it less stressful.

After the second month of pregnancy it is good to start getting some supplies that you will need for your baby when he or she comes.

Things you will purchase for your baby:
  1. Wash cloths and baby wipes
  2. Baby bottles in glass and plastic and if you will be breastfeeding, get a breast pump.
  3. Diapers that are hypoallergenic in small sizes.
  4. Baby oil and baby powder socks in colors for both boys and girls
  5. Diaper bag
  6. Baby blankets
  7. Baby comb and brush set
  8. High Chair
  9. Extra Nipples for baby bottles
  10. Baby clothes in colors for boys and girls.  You can buy these at regular department stores and you can get extras at thrift stores if you are not opposed to these sort of things

* When you have your baby shower, you can specifically ask for items that you need so people do not bring to much of the same things that you already have.


You are going to be the best Mother there is and Congratulations to you.

Once the baby is here, it will feel like he or she have been here forever.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beauty Products And Things I Am Sick Of Rant And Tag.

I am a person who never do Tags, but, I thought this would be a fun one, so here it goes!

Beauty Products And Things I Am Sick Of Rant And Tag.
  1. I am so sick of walking past one of my favorite department stores and being told to head on over to that big makeup store in the mall because they have the best makeup in the world.  Total Lies!
  2. I am so sick of going into big name stores and being sprayed with perfume and almost catching an Asthma Attack.  I will remedy this situation by creating a T shirt that say's " No Spray Zone.  If You Spray, I Will Sue And I Will Be Your Future Boss".  That should shake them up a bit. lol
  3. I am so sick of seeing Lace Front Wigs being sold for hundreds of dollars and in two weeks it looks like a crazy cat got hold of it.
  4. I am so sick of companies promoting lip balm  that is supposed to be so great and when I get it home it is a stiff version of my Crisco Oil.
  5. I am sick of long nails that looks like it has Liberace and his Piano on it.
  6. I am so sick of buying named brand nail polish and it doesn't last.
  7. I am so sick of hearing Wigs being called, "Units."  It is a Wig for Christ Sakes.
  8. I am so sick of overpriced soda and candy being sold at concert venues.  Six Dollars for a Pepsi is ridiculous.
  9. I am so sick of Laundry Detergent being sold for $15.00 just because it is in a red bottle.
  10. I am so sick of Makeup Foundation not matching my skin and I end up buying another bottle to mix  with it.  "I Am Not A Chemist) lol
I hope you enjoyed my little Rant and Tag.


Friday, July 10, 2015


This is a very important day in History.  This flag that was a painful reminder of what we have been through in this country is finally down.

Because of what this flag represents I decided not to even show a picture of it in my post.  It is such a shame that it took nine church members to be murdered to force the hand of the government to remove this Flag.

This flag represented the pain and the blood shed from slavery and it was a long time coming but now we are starting to see what can be done when people come together and decide that we are not going to tolerate even the symbolism of oppression.

I hope that at some point all American people will be treated equal and learn how to live together and work towards a common goal of making America great.

I remember the day that the World Trade Center was attacked on 911, we didn't have a separation of black or white because all of us came together and you could witness people of all races embracing each other and crying.

We cried because it wasn't a certain race attacked, it was all of us ( American People).  One day I pray that people realize that African Americans are not the enemy and when someone attacks our country, we will proudly stand with our other Brothers and fight back with all that we have.

United We Stand Divided We Fall.


                               Do Hair Grease Or Pomades Really Grow Hair?

As a child I can remember sitting between my Mom's legs getting my scalp greased and it was such a soothing thing and it became sort of a ritual on Saturday nights in my home.  Mom was getting our hair ready the night before church services on Sunday.

The pomades had such a nice smell.  Mom used Dixie Peach, Ultra Sheen, Dax, and Royal Crown on our hair.  She took so much pride and care and our hair always looked nice.

I remember seeing advertisements stating that these miracle greases and pomades would grow your hair to long lengths and your hair would be thick and this would happen in a little time.

Mom started buying hair pomade called Hair Food and she used as stated and she realized her hair and ours were not flourishing like they promised.  Right then she came to the conclusion that "Grease Don't Grow Hair".

The hair care industry duped everyone and they made millions of dollars off people looking for a miracle and they are still doing it today. 

These companies are in my opinion (Snake Oil Salesmen). I no longer fall for their fake promises.

It is time for us all to stop letting the industry rob us of our hard earned money.  A lot of these products are very expensive and they feel good and smell good but they do not do what they promise.

The health of your hair starts with nutrition and proper tools to use on your hair.  Heat and brushes are terrible for our hair and it should be used sparingly.

There are a lot of books on this subject and a lot of information online that will show you how to care for your hair the right way.

One book I can suggest is: No Lye! By Tulani Kinard.  She gives very good advice on how to care for your hair.
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Monday, July 6, 2015


                                                    Sale Day's Are Here Again!

First I want to say, where are all my Jersey Girls at?  Well, if you raised your hand, I am going to give you some good information.

We all love Macy's and the quality of merchandise that they carry.  I went on a shopping excursion with my sister and we went to the strip mall at Essex Green in West Orange, NJ and when we approached Macy's, there was a sign saying (CLOSING).  I was a bit sad because this store has been a staple in this community for many years.

When we opened the door I could see a lot of merchandise with signs saying sale 40, 50 and some 60 percent off.  As I walked through the aisles I could see a lot of beautiful dresses, suits, tops, pants, handbags, jewelry and handbags and shoes and then I looked further and I saw name brand makeup on sale.

A lot of the dresses cost $30.00 with the sale price and they were very nice.  I purchased two shirts and my total was $15.00.

This sale is going to go on until July 31, 2015 because the store will be closing for a while and then, they will be re-opening in the fall with all clearance items.  This store is going to become a clearance center and that is good news.

All these items are final sale, so, you must try on everything before you buy it.

This store is located at: 495 Prospect Avenue West Orange, NJ  (Essex Green Shopping Center)

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Hello Everyone!  I just wanted to wish you a Happy Fourth Of July.  I know that things are not perfect in the United States Of America and we have so much work to do to get this country in the right direction towards equality for all.  We have so much to still be thankful for.

This is a country where if  you work hard enough, you can live the kind of life that you want for your children and yourself.  Don't get discouraged by all the bad things that are happening and we hear in the news.

I am a believer in God and if we just humble  ourselves and pray for forgiveness and work towards the good of our fellow Man, we will begin to see changes.  There are rules that we have to adhere to that the Bible has set forth.  There is no way around it.

For those who do not believe in God, we can still come together and decide that we are going to make America the great Country that it can be. 

Although there is a lot of discrimination and strife in America; I am a proud American and I am thankful to be here.

You all enjoy your day and God Bless America!

Thursday, July 2, 2015




Hello Ladies:  I am a plus sized lady who is full breasted and I had a lot of trouble finding Bras that were attractive and that fit.  There are not a lot of retailers that cater to full breasted woman who like
Bras in nice colors but also want Bras that are comfortable and fit.
I spent many years searching while wearing Bras that were pinching me and just giving me an unappealing look.  There are some plus size retailers that sell Bras but they only go up to a certain size.
I began to worry that I would always have Bras that were ugly and shapeless until, out of the blue, I was sent a catalog from a company and that company is Lady Grace.  I flipped through the pages and I was amazed at the beautiful Bras and lingerie that was featured and the best thing is, they had it in my size and also sizes larger.
This catalog was a godsend and they carry sizes A-N.  I will no longer have to just settle for any, shapeless Bra any longer.
Lady Grace Bras, lifts and separates and really enhances  your voluptuous shape.  They have many retail locations but if you are not near a location; you can order online or request a catalog from them.
Lady Grace website is: and their phone number is: 1877-381-4629.