Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to deal with office politics, cliques, and office gossip

Working in an office can be a nice experience but it also has it drawbacks.  We all know that we have to interact with our co-workers and be cordial but sometimes our co-workers like to over step their bounds by asking personal questions and trying to pry in our private affairs.  I think that the office is not a good place to discuss other workers and to put your business out there because it can be used against you at another date.

There are a lot of people gathering at each others desk and excluding others who are not in the clique or so-called popular crowd.  If you see this happening it is a good idea to stand your ground and not associate yourself with these people in these cliques because it is a slippery slope into gossiping and  someone could say that you were talking about someone when you weren't.

Also, there is a problem with people trying to compete with other women by buying more expensive clothing and making negative comments against the women who aren't.

What you can do is, when these folks come to you with all this foolishness and asking you personal questions, is to cut them short, right when they do it the first time.   Make sure that you don't make negative comments to any of your co-workers and you can avoid this.

Do not say anything negative about your boss at all, even if you do not like him or her.

Don't spend large amounts of money to try to fit in in your work environment but make sure that you dress neatly and respectable for your position and look nice for your personal budget.

You may not be able to control your environment but you can control how you react to your environment and command respect.

If you are dealing with an office bully, promptly, let you employer know exactly what this person is doing, so, you can protect yourself.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Should You Change Your Look Or Style For A Job?

Hello Ladies:  I decided to touch on this subject because I saw a talk show  this week start this conversation because a young lady with very a very full Afro was asked by someone she worked for, to change her hair into a more controlled, sleek,  hairstyle.  There were different opinions stating that she had the right to wear her hair the way that she wanted to.

Some of the other ladies on the program said that she needed to comply with the recommendation about her changing her look and this conversation really made me think about the reasoning behind some of the answers that was given.

We live in a time where a lot of ladies like to wear their hair in different kinds of styles and this is fun and a way that they express themselves. 

I believe that our schools need to get back into teaching our young ladies what is appropriate and not appropriate.  If you work in Fashion and the work environment is more relaxed, then, you will be free to wear hair and fashions that are less traditional.

I feel that these extreme hairstyles and also tattoo's are leading our young ladies and also young men to experience unemployment and keeping them from advancing in their careers.  It is quite fine to dress the way you want to or wear your hair in any style that you desire when you are home or out with your friends, but, if you want to have a career and experience growth, then you have to play by the rules.

The young lady in the show was beautiful and I actually liked her hair but not for a professional job.

Where I live, I see many young ladies with piercings, tattoo's and these hairstyles and I have seen some working at the hospital in my area and  I do feel that it looks unprofessional.

When you change your hair color or get tattoo's in area's that are exposed, please think about, whether this will keep you from getting a job in the future, this is very important.

This young lady has natural hair and maybe she can put it in a bun or make it look appropriate for her job and when she is out of work on the weekends she can style those thick tresses any way that she likes.

Monday, September 14, 2015



Over a few years I have been hoarding different makeup products, personal care items, hair products, and etc.
All these items started to take up a lot of room in my home, so I decided that it is time to put a stop to this.
So this past month I have made it my business to use up these products and if I have to replace something, I will buy just one instead of several.

These are my tips to stop being a Product Hoarder:
  1. I will learn to use up most of my products before replacing it.
  2. I will make a habit of using 4 nail polishes a week and not buy anymore.
  3. Once a month I will take inventory of my products so I can truly find out what I need to replace.
  4. I will take out 1 or 2 makeup foundations and use until empty
  5. Products that I have never opened, I will collect those and put in a bag for Goodwill or another Charity to donate.
  6. I will stay out of the makeup aisle to avoid buying eye shadow because I am addicted to eye shadow.
  7. I will toss out expired products that have gotten to old to use.
  8. I will find other uses for products that I own.
  9. I will shop once per year for new products if I start running out.
  10. I will use my old perfumes for room spray


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are We Wasting Money On Monthly Subscription Boxes?

As a Blogger and Vlogger on Youtube, i get the opportunity to see the ladies show their monthly subscription boxes.  Some show some wonderful things that they are proud to get in the mail and a few of the ladies told me that it feels like you are getting a special present every month.

I am a lover of ordering online and getting special things for myself but i have not tried the monthly subscription boxes because i have seen that a few of the items in the boxes are not quality products or they sometimes come in very small sizes.

I feel that the companies are using these subscription boxes to just send you a small product to entice you to buy the bigger size product.

This concept can be wasteful in my opinion because you can take the same amount of money and just buy and try different brands each month and you don't get any surprises.

I am very wary of a company charging my credit card each month for items that they think i will like.
This also applies to the companies that send you shoes or a handbag every month. I feel that it is like subliminal messages telling us what we should like or buy.

There are some women who are very happy with these boxes but for me, a person who like to be mindful of my spending, it could be a trap because it is just an added bill that can be avoided.

If you have found a company that you are very happy with, leave your comment below.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Is Sewing A lost Art?

                                                 Is Sewing A Lost Art?

I was sitting and looking in the corner of my room at my trusted old Singer sewing machine that was given to me on my 16th birthday.  I was so happy to get this machine and I swore that I was going to make all the latest fashions but what I didn't know is that it takes great skill to become a seamstress.

I made some clothes but I was never good enough to create my whole entire wardrobe.  I consider sewing a great skill to have because if you learn how to do it, you will never forget how.

You must have a lot of patience because sometimes you can put a few seams together and if the fit is not right, you have to rip the seams apart and start all over.

There are not many school's teaching sewing anymore and I think that this is just horrible.

Sewing has become a lost art because a lot of stores are selling clothing with lower prices and the very last time I went into a fabric store, they were selling the fabrics and notions for higher prices. This made me feel that it wasn't even worth the time to sit for a few hours or a couple of days to put a dress together.

With a lot of people buying their clothes at the thrift store and the prices are so low, you just don't see a reason to sew but many times I have purchased clothing that I thought fit me correctly and when I got home, it didn't.

To get these items altered, would cost a pretty penny. This is a good reason to dust off my trusted sewing machine and learn the skill of tailoring.

I am getting the desire again to try sewing and really stick with it this time.  You would not believe, the sewing machine that I got at sixteen years old, still works perfectly.

I would love to see Grandmothers, Mothers and Aunts take out the sewing machine and teach younger girls and boys the skill of sewing and the pleasure you feel when you create your first outfit.

Sewing doesn't have to be a lost art, we must ask our schools to bring back Home Economics and also Machine Shop, this way our children will be well rounded and they may learn to love sewing.

What learning how to sew can do for you:
  • Teach you how to make beautiful, quality clothing.
  • Make clothing that is unique.
  • Chase depression away.
  • Instill self pride.
  • Give you skills that you can use for a career.
  • Alter clothing for you or others.
  • Create clothing that fit your size or shape perfectly.

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this subject and I would also like to know the first thing you created when you first started sewing.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


I have always been a person who dance to my own beat.  I am a little bit of bohemian but not to the extreme.  It is hard sometimes to find a perfect medium in Social Media because we are living in the age of  "Do what everyone else is doing".   I have a problem with this because it isn't in my nature to go with the flow.  I like expressing myself in my own unique way.

In Social Media, we all do things that are similar but some of us are determined to show the world our uniqueness of what we bring and offer to the world. 

There are other people like me, but, I would like to see more.   Sometimes we are cast to the side because we may not be  (What's In) at the moment.  How to stand in your truth and not be a carbon copy of someone else?   My answer to this question is, just be yourself and what is for you will be for you and if it doesn't work, then it may be time to do something else.

God made us all unique and it is time to make it off your own merit and not off the backs of others. 

Are you recognized more when you copy? Yes, you are, but, is it worth it in the long run. No!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


In the past, I saw an opportunity to buy a refurbished computer.  I was very leery about doing this.  After really thinking about this, I decided to take a chance and I purchased a Dell Computer and it was $129.00.

I was amazed, because it worked great!

Since then, I have been hooked on buying refurbished products.  I purchased two Laptops refurbished and I didn't pay much for them at all.

This is a good opportunity to get name brand products and pay much less for them.   If you are looking for that Camera that cost $700.00, why not get the refurbished one that cost $300.00 to $400.00.


I would suggest that you only purchase refurbished items that have been refurbished by the Manufacturer.

* I now have two Cameras that are refurbished and they are wonderful!