Saturday, October 31, 2015

How I learned to live with hairloss.

                                      How I learned how to live with hairloss.

When i first realized that i was losing my hair, i was in my twenties.  I was combing and brushing my hair and it was getting thinner and thinner.  I was devastated because i didn't know the exact cause.
At the time, wigs weren't very popular for younger people.  I used to wear long draw string ponytails and the top of my head was showing streaks on my scalp.

I went to the library and researched and tried a lot of home remedies and i spent a lot of money and time searching for a miracle.  With each remedy i quickly grew tired of not seeing any results.  I would see all these products geared towards African American hair and the labels would say miracle this, fast grow, hair food this or that and etc.

A lot of companies are profiting off desperate people looking for a miracle and answers.  I went to Dermatologist to see if there was anything that could be done and they ran many test.  They came back with the results and said that i had Androgenetic  Alopecia. The Doctor asked me whether i had any women in my family who had major hair loss and said that i didn't know any.

I was prescribed ointments and creams and i didn't see any results.  The Doctor then recommended that i start using 2% Minoxidil  and i started to buy it and i saw a little thin fuzz but nothing major and it was getting to be very expensive.  The Dermatologist told me that if i stop using it, i would continue to see hair loss and the little fuzz would be gone also.

My faith was gone and i felt desperate.  At that point i decided that i wasn't going to be a Guinea Pig any longer and i was going to go to the wig shop and start looking for suitable wigs.  I really didn't know what kind of wig to get and i tried some on and they didn't feel right for me.

I went to another wig shop and there was a really nice lady working in there and she said "They look different on when they are styled"  I told her that i didn't know that they could be thinned out and styled and she took me over to her booth with the wig that i tried on in hand and she said " I only charge $5.00 to style it."  I let this wonderful lady thin out and shape that wig and it looked beautiful and she really changed my life.

From that day on, i was able to go in the Beauty Supply Stores and pick wigs out and let it be styled or pick some that didn't have to be styled and it really changed the way that i felt about myself.  I had been praying for a miracle and it didn't come the way that i wanted but God made a way out of no way.  He gave me a covering and a belief that he would provide if  i would let him.

Now, wigs are not only a covering but it is a way that i express myself and i just love it.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why Do I Blog?

I started blogging as a way of self expression and a way to connect with new people. It is a good way to find out your love and your passion.  Blogging can be therapeutic because you are able to project your views in a non judgmental way.  My new passion is pushing me in more directions than i ever thought possible.

To find out how powerful words can be is just exhilarating to say the least.  If you are a person who is thinking of blogging; i say just do it.  You don't have to be super perfect.  Your words and your style of writing can project new knowledge to your readers and you can distribute this content for many years to come.

Learning how to put words together and finding time to compose your post can be a bit tricky and time consuming, but blogging is something that you can do on your own time without added demands of what you should do or what not to do.

Sometimes i get up late at night to create my post because everything is so quiet and still and it is the best time to put my writings together..  I don't know what direction my blog is going to go but i am so happy with the opportunities that are coming my way and i didn't decide to blog for that reason but, it is an added bonus. 

There is no secret that i have a chronic illness, but, i decided that i will not let that be my crutch and it gives me a sense of creativity and to use my time wisely.  I am leaving my permanent imprint on the world.

Sashamoniquetalks is here to tell you that no matter your age or disability, you still have an opportunity to share something with the world.  Don't let anything stop you from reaching your goals.  

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Black Cats Are Beautiful!

I am doing this post because Halloween is approaching and there is a stigma against Black Cats because they are thought of as being evil and belonging to witches and this couldn't be further from the truth.  I have had a few Black Cats and I find them to be so beautiful.

Sometimes these Animals are the last to be adopted because of the negative stereotypes made about Black Cats.

If you are looking for a new Pet to introduce to your family, consider getting a Black Cat and save them from unscrupulous people looking to harm them.

A Cat is a Cat and we must stop the discrimination.  Take your Family to a local Animal Shelter and find a Cat who is just perfect for your family.

Adopt a pet, Save a Life!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Never Forget Where You Have Come From

I ran across this video and i was so amazed at these wonderful women washing clothes for their families.  One woman has a child on her back, but she will not let this deter her from getting the job done.

This video is such an eye opener because there are many countries besides her own, that still wash clothes this way.  She has a lot of pride and she wants her clothes to be so clean and fresh.  They have to actually stand in water to get this chore done.  She doesn't have time to complain because this is something that she must do and it must be done in a timely manner.

I have never lived this way, but, I can remember when our washing machine broke down and my Mom had to wash our clothes in the tub and it was a lot of work but she did it and our clothes were so clean  and i have done it many times in my life since.

This video teaches us to never take things for granted because we could be in the same situation. I read some of the comments on this video and some were outright hateful because people who have plenty cannot understand why these women are doing this.

This video teaches you to be resilient because if i was in this situation i would be doing the same thing because, if you have been through hard times in your life, you can do anything.

God has made us so strong because we can carry babies and go through childbirth which is very hard and we still run our homes and work and he put something in us to not only carry our burdens but to help others with their own.

Can you please leave a comment to share what this video or experience mean to you?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This is a question that is hard to answer sometimes because when you are a saver by nature, sometimes people form different opinions on the ways that you spend and control your money.

Many times we are introduced to this lifestyle from the way we are raised and if you are a frugal queen like myself, you can best believe there is another influential person in your life who lived a frugal lifestyle and you were amazed at what they could do with so little.

I can recall people that I heard were cheapskates and other demeaning terms but in the long run, they were better off.  Why?  because they were planners.  They prepared and had self control over wants over needs and what I found is that they actually had all the good toys that everyone strives to get.

Self control is something that is needed that will allow you to pay your bills in a timely manner and to save weekly or monthly towards special things that we would like to acquire.

I have a motto that I live by and it is ("If It Isn't Broke Don't Fix It").  This means that I will live a modest lifestyle but you best believe that if I really want something I can get it, but, is it necessary right now?

My weaknesses are: Clothing, Jewelry, Computer Products and other Electronics.  I like to save up for these things and when I am ready, I splurge on myself.

I also like to save money for things for my family on Birthday's.  Am I a cheapskate?  No.  I am an innovative thinker because I want my money to work for me long term.  I don't want to keep replacing the same things over and over again.

To save money you also have to learn how to take care of the things that you already have.  This is what is called being a good steward over your money.

I am seeking to be financially secured and I am working towards this goal.  It starts with a change in your mindset towards money.

 Let your money work for you and create opportunities and growth and when you make it; don't worry about the label that society gave you regarding being a cheapskate.  Real Millionaires are very strategic in their spending; sure, they play hard but they make sure that their money is always growing.


Monday, October 5, 2015

This Is The Month That I Like To Start Preparing For Christmas


The holidays are upon us and to keep it from being a financial strain, this is a good time to start buying  small purchases for family members or to save towards Christmas.

I have been doing this a long time and it surely works.  Sometimes you will have some unplanned purchases but it will not be overwhelming.

When Bath And Body Works have their markdowns during this month, you can buy items in bulk for family members and get a great savings.  Men can be very hard to shop for at times, so you may want to just save money to give to them in a card.

You can go to Walmart and see what sales they have on  children's toy's and you can get these and put them away.

A great tip that I have used is; go on ebay and look for different items in lots. Those are bundled items that they will sell to you for a low price and I like to use this to get multiple items and split them up to put towards Christmas gifts.

Do not frown on the dollar store to get decorative soaps to add to your gift bags.  By December you will have most of your gifts for Christmas and you will not feel so rushed to get all the things at once.

Friday, October 2, 2015

How To Create Your Own Signature Style By Watching Your Style Icons.

I created my own signature style based on the fact that i am a plus size lady who is apple shaped and a lot of designers don't really cater to my shape.  I am extremely full busted which creates some clothing issues on its own.  People with my body shape don't look good in styles that are fussy or extremes in design.

So, i came to the conclusion that i would only dress in specific styles of clothing that accentuate my positive assets.  I like tops that softly skim my body and also empire waist dresses and tops looks great on me.  I like suits, but, when i buy a suit i have to have it altered which increases the cost of the garment.

In the winter, i like to wear pretty tops with cardigan sweaters and pants with cute boots.  I enjoy clothing, where i can remove a piece if i get hot and it is very versatile because i can easily change my look by just adding another shell under my sweaters.  

Simplicity in my style leaves me with no surprises when going to special events.  I love to wear blazers with pants and jeans and a crisp white blouse.

Once in a while, i will buy a piece of clothing that i am not sure of and when i do this and the piece fits my body perfectly, i will add this style to my arsenal of styles that i will wear frequently.

Now, To My Style Icons, That I Admire:

  1. Queen Latifah:  I love her style because it is very similar to mines.  I notice that the lines are in simple cuts, but, beautiful fabric.  On the Runway, i have never seen her look bad in anything she has worn.  Her clothes are tailored to her body shape and she is definitely the first person i would look to, when creating my personal style.
  2. Oprah:  She loves clean lines and clothing in nice colors.  When i buy her magazine, i anxiously look forward to seeing her cover, with her classically, stylish clothes.  She is not afraid of bright colors and she dress correctly for her hour glass shape. I love to see her in blazers and the cut of her pants are perfect for her body type.
  3. Wendy Williams:  I love the clothing that Wendy wears on her show.  She loves to wear wrap dresses and it accentuates her full breast and slim hips. She loves beautiful shoes and although she follows a particular style, it is always classy on her.  Wendy uses hair as an accessory to bring out her total style.
  4. My Mom:  My Mother has always had style her entire life.  She can look at an outfit in a magazine and she knows whether it would look perfect on her or would it need to be tweaked a little by taking it to a tailor to specifically form it to her body shape.  She loves to wear a nice sophisticated suit with pretty kitten heels.  She wears her skirts at a specific length and it always looks tasteful, but, really pretty. All her clothes are cut to accentuate her waistline.
  5. Julie Chen:  I love her style because it is simple but she is a lady who can wear white and look so fabulous in it. She wears a lot of rich looking fabrics and she just look regal in anything that she wears. Julie can really rock a sheath dress like no other.

To find your personal, signature style, look at various magazines and see what the celebrities are wearing and if there is one with your body type, just grab that style and make it your own.