Sunday, December 20, 2015

How To Beat The Winter Blues

The winter is here and it is the time that the day's are shorter and you are spending more time indoors. Sometimes your mind will wander and you can find yourself in a very depressed mood.  The holidays are upon us and it can also be a source of your depression because maybe you cannot afford to get all the things that you wanted for your family.

Those of us who have lost a loved one will start to remember the good times and we will find ourselves grieving.  I find that the best ways is to light your home more during these times and also find ways to keep yourself busy so that you do not have much time to get in this state of mind.

Spending quality time with love ones will help so much during this time.  I am so happy that we are now afforded with resources such as; Skype, so we can communicate and see family members who may live in another state or country.

I surround myself with good music in my home and it seems to uplift me.  Don't allow yourself to feel alone and by yourself during the winter.  If the weather is okay outside, get out and go to the local mall and socialize and try to meet new people.

People who are my age or older are losing more and more family members and that can make you feel depressed and isolated.

If you are homebound because of disability, get online and find some interesting people to talk to and even start yourself a hobby to keep you going.

You and I are going to beat this and make this the best winter ever.


Friday, December 18, 2015

How Not To Go Broke With Holiday Parties And Gifts On The Job

During the holidays a  lot of companies like to celebrate with a lot of parties and they usually come to you and ask you to pick a name to exchange gifts.  This can be a difficult time because we are preparing to get our special dinners together and gifts for our children and families.

I have never liked participating in these things because you usually give or receive a gift that you do not like and i consider it wasteful.  I actually wouldn't mind donating a few dollars to go to a charity during this time so families that are struggling will be able to give their children some gifts and towards their family dinner.

Sometimes it is very hard to get out of these activities because you don't want to be the only one who isn't participating.  My answer to you is for you to be honest with yourself.  If these activities will be a strain on your budget and take away from your family, it would be very wise to just say no.  Tell the person who set up the gift giving to not add your name to the grab bag and that you are not interested.

If you are not participating in gift giving, do not accept any gifts because this is only fair.

You can also start getting little gifts when they go on sale after the holiday's for Men and Women and put it away for next year when the holiday gift giving starts.

You could also buy some gift cards and save those to give during this time.  Opening a small account at your Bank and save all year to buy gifts for your family and also for these events on the job is a smart thing to do.

Remember, you have to live after the holidays and you do not want to be stuck with credit card debt because you are trying to please people on the job and in  your home.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Diary Of A Middle Aged Black Woman

She married very young in her life.  He wasn't ready for her and he broke her heart in two.  She decided that she would carry on and try to find Mister Right and he could not be found, even in church.  Years off and on she tried but decided that she wasn't fully ready.

She wanted to live right and the Bible told her that it is "Better To Marry Than To Burn" so she wanted to do right by herself and society and on her search she kissed a lot of frogs but where was her prince?

This prince became a mythological presence that was taught to every young girl and she believed that if she was the perfect catch.  If she was easy on the eyes, spoke softly, had the right career, great cook and etc, she would be his choice.

Did he fit the requirements of a Prince, NO!    He tore down everything in his way and he didn't contribute nothing besides his manhood.

So why was he so important?  He was important because of the fairy tale that was bestowed on us which was a downright lie.  He was given the perfect Angel Wings without having a heart or love for any human being especially his woman.

She searched  and she became tired; tired of all the lies and the games and then she decided to slow down, take things nice and easy,  She began to like the feeling that she felt,  She was calm, happy and she felt absolutely beautiful.

She glanced at her family out of the corner of her eye and she said "They Are So Beautiful. Look What God Allowed Me To Bring Forth.

She took a long glance in the mirror and she saw this lady who had aged and you could count her wrinkles that became the road map of her life.  She saw the journey that she had taken and she saw the end.  She finally found herself  and owned her beauty.  Not by the worlds standards but she is beautiful because she withstood the test of time.

She is beautiful because the lady who was searching for her Prince has become a Queen in every sense of the word.  She has given up on her search because she found what she was looking for and all the time, it was in herself.


Saturday, December 12, 2015

How To Prevent Greed And Going Broke During The Holidays

They tell me that the Recession is over but my pockets tell me that it is far from over.  Christmas is upon us and you and i have been out shopping and it seems like we have more people on our list but less money to achieve our goal of  making the holidays merry.

You are probably like me and feel a bit sad because you cannot get your family all the things that you want.  My daughter has never put any pressure on me, to buy her really expensive gifts and i am thankful to her for this.

I don't really want much because i shop all year round for myself so it isn't a big deal if i don't get much, but, what really gets on my nerves during the holiday is people who i haven't heard from for years calling to see how i am doing and blatantly ask whether i am giving them a gift.  This really makes me angry because you should show your concern and care year round.

These are people that i would never give anything because they have a sense of entitlement and think that i should just cross my daughter and grandchild off my list and give to them.  I like to give to others but with a restricted budget, you have to pick and choose and some people you may have to give  to after the holidays.

I would suggest that you, not use your credit cards during the holidays because this is a quick way to become broke and then you will have to pay all year to try to catch up.  A great idea is to open up a Christmas Club Account at your local bank and save a little all year, so you do not have to use your credit card.

If you cannot afford to buy presents for people outside of your family, tell them that you cannot do gifts this year and most will understand.

Don't be a slave to the holidays, just enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How To Enjoy Life And Declare Your Independence While Disabled.

Being disabled is not easy and sometimes it can be quite isolating.  For many years there wasn't many options available to the disabled and they were often left in the home to be in front of a television set most of the day.  We never think about the lifestyle that a disabled person lives until chronic disability comes knocking on our door.

This type of lifestyle is limiting because you don't have the opportunity to interact with the outside world.  So many disabled people are depressed and their families don't even notice it.  There are so many advances concerning transportation that open many doors for disabled people.  I have been out and seen so many people in my area out in wheel chairs and they are enjoying themselves right with everyone else.

I attended a Concert and saw a wonderful blind Gentleman enjoying the music and just enjoying the vibe and I was so happy for him because finally things have changed in this country that allows the differently able population to experience the joys of life without having to rely on family members to ride them to events that they would like to attend.

Living in the City is such a blessing because the modes of transportation service are getting more and more dependable.

So, how to enjoy life and declare your independence while disabled:

  • First you need to do research online to see if your town have state wide transportation that won't only take you to work but also anywhere that you would like to travel throughout your state.
  • Look online for groups specifically geared towards the disabled because sometimes they will have outings that you can go to as a group and they will provide the transportation at a small fee.
  • For disabled people who are home bound it is good to go online and talk to different people that hold the same interest and make life long friends.
  • If you are home bound; have movie night at home with some of your friends and ask them to bring the refreshments.
  • Check your local Senior Center to see if they have a trip coming up and see if they will allow you to go also.
  • Go on Ticketmaster to see if they have tickets to your favorite show with accessible seating.
  • Look online to find out about Wheelchair accessible group tours.

The more that you search online you will find out about more resources that are available to you and you will be able to expand your horizons.



Monday, December 7, 2015

Dreams and what they really mean.

                                        Dreams and what they really mean.

I learned a such a powerful lesson today.  I was talking to a very knowledgeable person today and we were talking about living your dreams and your purpose in life.  A lot of times we make plans and we are very excited when we decide to step out on faith to focus on our goals but at some point we start to go into another direction and we seem to forget all the steps that we used to create that dream and we start to get complacent and we are ready to give up.

We get bored with the progression of our projects.  One thing about dreams,  they are put into our spirits and at the time, we feel that we can accomplish everything that we set out to do. We plan but when things are not going fast enough, we tend to get discouraged and when you feel this way, you tell yourself that you cannot reach your goals.

Some times it is other people telling you that your dream doesn't make sense and this tends to give you a self defeating attitude.

I learned today that the thing that kills progression is giving up and throwing in the towel.  If you don't follow through then you will never reach the finish line, so, keep working at this goal and do not tell people your dreams because they will kill them.

In the end when you are successful, you can be proud of the fact that you persevered. God put that dream and desire in you for a reason and that reason is the fact that he felt that you could do it and you were the best one for the job.



Thursday, December 3, 2015


I have very sensitive skin and some of you know that I love to do Laundry Detergent reviews on Youtube.

I love detergents with fragrance but once in a while I experience breakouts, hives and wheezing due to trying different brands. 

There are many detergents that are formulated to be used by people who are allergic to laundry detergent.

I have tried many of them and they are good.   I am going to show you some of the detergents that are good at removing stains and also leaves you with clean smelling clothes.

All of my favorites are listed below and let me know what your favorite is.

Out of all of these detergents, this is my absolute favorite!