Thursday, January 28, 2016

Congratulations Tyra Banks! Beating Infertility.

Hello Ladies:  I wanted to touch on this subject today because it is a subject that is not talked about that much.  There are many women who are struggling to have children and it can be a frustrating ordeal to go through.  I have never experienced this sort of problem but I personally know people who are.

Every year when going through Infertility, you see more and more women with babies everyday and you wonder when your time will come for you to be a mom.  You see your friends with their new babies and although you are very happy for them, your heart is breaking.

I encourage any one who is able to donate their eggs to give these women a chance at having a family.

I saw on Tyra Banks show: FABLife  talk about her struggle with Infertility and she said that every year she would say that in three years, she would be a mom.  Tyra had IVF Treatments that didn't work and she made a conscious decision to get a surrogate to have a baby.

This morning, I was listening to the news program: Good Day New York and they reported the news that Tyra and her boyfriend Erik Asla welcomes baby boy York Banks Asla and I am so happy for her.  She gives women who are dealing with Infertility a lot of hope.

I want to personally address women who are dealing with Infertility and they cannot afford Infertility Treatments and to get the help of a surrogate.

There are many beautiful children who are available for adoption; sure you want to personally give birth to your own child but maybe, just maybe God is giving you a way to have a baby or child to love, who needs you.  Don't feel that you are destined to be childless because you are not.

Seriously take a little time to consider this and maybe in no time, you will be the mom that you always dreamed of being.

Famous people who have adopted children are:

  • Barbara Walters
  • Madonna
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Reverend Run from Run DMC
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Denise Richards
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Sharon Stone
  • Meg Ryan
  • Mary Louise Parker
  • DeMarcus Ware
  • Joely Fisher

There are so many more people to add to this list.  Adoption is a beautiful thing and this could be the answer that you have been waiting for.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Being Happy Without Money

This video gave very good information on how to save money and being thankful for the things that you have.

Friday, January 15, 2016

How to be a blessing to others with your clothing and other items that you are no longer using

How to be a blessing to others with your clothing and other items that you are no longer using,

Last week someone gave me a flyer and it was for an indoor garage sale and I was amazed because you don't see to many garage sales during the colder months so I was intrigued by the flyer and  decided to go and see what they had to offer.  I walked into the Gymnasium and  was happy to see a lot of household items like; sheets, old cameras, books, paintings, and of course clothing.    

The People who were volunteering at this event was very friendly and they had their items priced right.  What I mean by right?  You could fill up a shopping bag for $5.00.  I strategically thought about all the bags of clothes that I would go through to find clothing in plus sizes and a nice lady came up to me and she told me what bags would carry my size.  

I searched and searched and hit the jackpot of clothing heaven.  I was not sure if these items would fit me but filled those bags to capacity.  Quickly I went over to the children's section to look for little boy things and they did not have much but saw an abundance of little girl clothing in size 5 and 6.  Someone forgot to put little boys clothing on the tables but I started seriously thinking that these beautiful girl clothing could go to shelters and other places where these clothing could be a blessing to some wonderful little girls.

This experience really had me thinking that whatever couldn't fit, would go to Goodwill or another thrift store, but, then it crossed my mind about people who didn't have the money even to pay for clothes at the used stores.  This population is ignored and throughout my journey in life I have seen women who were in dire straits, who were fresh out of an abusive marriage or encountered a fire that changed their lives in a second. 

From that point, I decided that when I found some good buys that wasn't my size or for small children, I would buy it and find out where these items could be donated for people who truly need it.  My plan is to give to organizations that help people who are going through a crisis and they would not have to pay for any of these items.

There are organizations like Freecycle, who's goal is to keep useful items out of the landfills.  I have donated things through Freecycle and  think that it is an organization that is making a world of difference in the way that you can give someone items that you no longer need and it is helping people with items that they maybe could not afford to buy.

Many women who are trying to return to work need clothing items that will give them the confidence and the wardrobe to find a job, to take care of their families.  

So, if you have any excess clothing, toys, old computers and etc.  Think about giving these items to someone who could really use it.  It doesn't take a whole lot to make people happy and change their lives.  These things just clog up the landfills or given to people who will try to charge a lot for these items, when they really should be given to people who need it, for free.

Be a blessing to others because you never know; one day you may need the help yourself.

Monday, January 11, 2016

I Used To Pray For Fame And Fortune.

                                     I Used To Pray For Fame And Fortune

Every girl has a dream.  Bright lights and big city dreams are some of the things I can remember growing up.  My family didn't know that I had aspirations to act in television commercials but it is something that I wanted and I could sometimes be caught daydreaming in class about it.

Being taught that you should strive for more in life made me keep that passion bottled up.  Thanks to YouTube I can live that part of me out loud and without any reservations.   I felt like acting could be a form of escape and self expression that could give me confidence and also a way to make money.

Over the years I would see Actors living the fabulous life and they could always go anywhere that they wanted and have anything that they wanted.   I fell in love with their accomplishments and lifestyle.

I would watch television and see all the smiling faces and the fabulous outfits that they wore to the latest awards ceremony.  Honestly, I thought these people were perfect in every sense of the word but what I didn't know was about the dark side of fame.

Fame comes with a price which means that someone owns your time, your place and your space.   You sometimes, have to do things that you really do not want to do to please the people who manages your career.  A lot of times you are not paid the wages that you deserve and you have to make your life to look glamorous and perfect even though you did not get all of your money.  A perfect example of this is the group from the 1990's, TLC.

Praying for fame and fortune was the easy part because I didn't have to live the life of a person who have really lost their life to the industry.  To now think that this lifestyle sometimes divide families because your family will start to ask for things that they feel that you owe them and you have all your friends that want to take advantage of you because  you have this so-called lucky break in life.

Over the years I have seen Facebook and Twitter post of famous people who are tired of living this life because they are recognizable all over the world and they just want to be able to eat out at restaurants and shop without all the media attention.

We all need money to live and survive so I am not going to say that money is evil but the love of money is and it will make you into a miserable person who never feel that they have enough and it can make you bitter.

The reason I used to pray for fortune because I felt like money could be used as a tool to enrich my life and others.  I felt like I would use it to fix the ills of the world and take care of the homeless women and children and use it to bless someone.  I didn't know that fortune can divide and subtract from your life also, and the reason is that in order to live in peace in your family, you would have to cut some folks from your life because of the same reason that fame creates, it creates greed.

I will never say that if God blesses me, this way, that I wouldn't take it but the real lesson is that you have to choose your words carefully when you pray.  State all the things that you want when asking for Gods blessing and ask him to guide you and help you to make the right decisions.  Ask for his divine protection and he will guide you.

I don't know why I was praying for fame and fortune because I have never been a greedy person but I felt like it was a life fixer and what I now pray for, is for, God to bless me and provide for me and direct my steps and he has done that and so much more.

YouTube and other social media gives me a creative outlet to act and live my life in full color and although I do not make money, it gives me the satisfaction that I love and I am happy the way things are. To live my life to do what I love and have the freedom to walk the street and go places with my family without being hounded by the media is enough for me.

A good friend of mines told me that fame is an illusion and she is right.  Be very careful what you wish for!


Sunday, January 10, 2016


I just had to make a post concerning this Breakfast Cereal.  I purchased this brand of Cereal about three years ago and I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of this product and the taste.

This Cereal taste a lot like Cap' N Crunch Cereal but it is a little sweeter.  You can buy this Cereal for just $1.59. 

If you have a lot of Children, you could buy many boxes and stock up because you just cannot beat that price and they will love it.

Millville Brand is sold at Aldi Supermarket and I have tried a lot of their different Cereals and I am pleased with all of them.

Scam Alert! Scam Alert! Fake Preachers, Fake Organizations Ready To Rob And Steal From You. (Sheep In Wolves Clothing)

                      Thieves Lurking Ready To Unleash You From Your Hard Earned Cash

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen:  I am sure, you have received a call from a religious organization asking you to support their ministry to help the homeless or women in need.  Since the start of the holiday season I have received so many of these calls and I hung up on every one of them because I could not find any record of their organization and they were asking for personal information.

Over the years I have seen these thieves at work.  They contact unsuspecting people and try to make you feel sorry for them and they ask for donations.  I have even seen them on the exit at the end of the highway using children with donation cups asking drivers for money.  Some look legitimate, wearing their clergy collar but what you don't know is; some of these people have a criminal connection to organized crime and also neighborhood gangs.

A lot of these people have churches and if you go to their services, you will be able to see some tell tale signs:

  • They are sporting expensive clothing and jewelry but they have a very small organization and the attendees have very little money and you can look at them and tell that they are poverty stricken.  Meanwhile these Pastors don't work but rely on people to give them a certain amount of money to keep them in this lifestyle.
  • The Pastors are very controlling and tell you that you must come to their church and don't visit other churches because these  pastors want to keep the control going.  Most of the time the congregates are very afraid of their leader.
  • There are some Pastors who do not have a church but they have a very small group of people who are at their beck and call and they are told to pay dues every week out of their very small paychecks.  Sometimes this Pastor looks very unstable or have a criminal past and they use the ministry to make a name for themselves.
  • The Pastor is always telling you to support their building fund but after 15 or 20 years they still do not have a new church and the building fund money is going into their pockets.
  • Some of these people open their doors up to young mothers or women trying to escape alcoholism and drug use and they let them live in their homes to get their public assistance check or use them for sex and also forms of prostitution.

I have been around church people most of my life, so, I can see them coming and going and if you don't  heed the signs, you can be taken in by them because they will always approach you and seem very loving and the longer you stick around, you will be hooked.

The news station in my local area reported two weeks ago, that, a Catholic Priest was using the congregates money to fund his drug habit and also his male lovers lifestyle and now he is in big trouble.

Don't let these people sucker you in and get you to give them your money.  The best advice I learned is from a very smart women and she is my Mom and she told me; "if you go to a church and they are constantly begging for money or you feel uncomfortable; never go back!"

Any organization that you would like to donate to; look online and see if their are any complaints against the organization and do a thorough check before you donate.

Never let anyone tell you that you are going to Hell if you do not give them your money.  These people usually have the gift of gab and are very persuasive  and if someone threatens you, call the police immediately to report them.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top 6 Things I Am Thankful For.

                                             Top 6 Things I Am Thankful For

I was sitting here tonight and thinking about the things that i am thankful for.  We take some things for granted but i just want to share my 6 things and hopefully you will think of some things that you are thankful for as well and leave them in the comment section.  We are in a new year and that means new beginnings for everyone.

                                        Top 6 Things I Am Thankful For:

  1.  I am thankful to God for being faithful and showing me favor in my life.
  2. I am thankful for my family for being my rock and really standing by me.  When I think about the rough periods in my life, I can remember them always being there, ready to help and lend a helping hand.  
  3.  I am so thankful for my Doctor who is very encouraging and did all that he could do in his power to treat my illnesses in such a way, as to give me hope and never treated me like just another patient.  This man is a Godsend and when one medicine didn't work, he immediately looked for other options to extend my life.
  4. I am thankful for wisdom that I have acquired in my older age.  If I had this mindset earlier, I could have avoided some pitfalls but it is better late than never.
  5. You all are going to laugh at me but here it is:  I am thankful for the thrift store because it gave me the opportunity to live within my means but also look nice.  This is a real blessing because it gives you ideas to create your own look and fashionable style and it is also a skill that you can teach to others.  It allowed me to save money and taught me about recycling and how important it is to keep things out of the landfills. 
  6. I am thankful for freedom.  Things are not perfect in The United States Of America but changes have been made and to think back to where we have come from, I am so thankful. Please pray for peace on Earth!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Importance Of Using A Shopping List When Buying Clothing

We have spent a lot of time building that wardrobe that we have wanted for a long time, but. lately I have gone through my closet and I have found that I  am purchasing the same items over and over again.  Why is this happening?  Because I am not buying with a purpose in mind.

It is no secret, that I like to buy clothing that can match almost everything in my wardrobe but I need to start shopping with the intention of buying entire outfits and not just separates.  The only way I can accomplish this is, by shopping with a list that shows specifically, what I need to buy at that time and to list some of the items that I already have.

This will cut down on some unnecessary spending and also help me to plan my purchases better.  Sometimes we forget what we bought and whether or not we need to purchase the item in a particular color or not.  Six sweaters in red is not something that I really need and I will now shift my focus when shopping.

We use a shopping list when buying our food and it prevents us from forgetting food that we should purchase, but, also produce that we shouldn't buy because we already have it.

What I will include on my shopping list now:

  • Pants.
  • Scarfs.
  • Accessories,
  • White Shirts.
  • Blazers.
  • Solid Colors.
  • Skirts.
  • Tank tops and Shells.

Clothing that I don't need to purchase for a while:

  • Bright colors.
  • Black Pants.
  • Printed Handbags.
  • Under clothes.
  • Graphic Prints.
  • Grey Sweaters.

When you look over your list, you will be more focused when you shop and you will not make the mistake of repeating your purchases.