Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Bachelor (Commentary)

Hello Ladies:

I have been watching The Bachelor for a few weeks now and I just had to comment on what I have noticed.  There have been so many ladies vying for the attention of a young man with hopes to be the one chosen to be his wife.  So many women have gone on dates with this man and they have kissed him and he has expressed his desire to be with them and have told them that he see potential in them for something more in the future.

These ladies are believing every word and have fallen for this man. They are being catty with some of the other women so they will be the lady with the so-called golden ticket to matrimony.

Most of these women are very beautiful and they put their feelings on the line.  I have watched this man talk with the ladies families and he told every one of them that he has deep feelings for their daughters when in fact, he has to only pick one woman.  Honestly, I am getting very sick of the stereotype that we have to dumb ourselves down to get a man.

The very fact that he is kissing all these women is sickening to me because it is not necessary to do this to meet and spend time with these ladies.  Some of these ladies could be harboring disease and I am sure that some are doing a little more than just kissing.  When these ladies are not picked they have to deal with the humiliation of being second best and it is not a good place to be.

There was also a discussion about the show always have a black woman who the man never picks.  We have to be realistic and know that this show is not for us and there was a show in the past called The Flavor Of Love who showcased black women trying to win the affection of Flavor Flav and although it was interesting, it was the same concept of The Bachelor.   In my opinion we should not go on the Bachelor because it is just the truth that some other races do not want to date or marry a black women and it is their choice.  We have to stop pushing ourselves on people when our men love and adore us.

Ladies, we have a lot to offer the world and we do not want our daughters to think that they have to jump through hoops just to get a man.   There is someone for everyone, and if you meet someone and they are not interested, there will always be another one who will be.

Concentrate on celebrating you and building yourself up, the right one will come along, just wait and see.  Make him respect you and he should be the one jumping through hoops to get you.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

I Will Call Her Carol: Homelessness In The Suburbs

                                     I Will Call Her Carol: Homelessness In The Suburbs

There is a lady in my area; I will call her Carol.  She is a young lady in her thirties and she is thin, athletic, tall and attractive.

 She wears her hair in a simple bun or she will tie her scarf in a beautiful manner.  She is very clean and you can tell that she likes to look nice.

Carol carries two big duffel bag everywhere she goes, why? because she is homeless, a presence in the suburbs that is becoming a norm.

 People want to deny that this is going on in the suburbs but it is.  I first saw Carol about two years ago, so she has been homeless for a while. She doesn't appear to be on drugs or anything, in fact, I have heard her speak and she is very articulate.

So, you might say, how can a young, beautiful lady become homeless and she doesn't have a mental condition or a drug or alcohol problem?   The answer is unemployment.

I can tell by Carol's demeanor that she comes from an upbringing that is upper middle class.  I forgot to also add that Carol is African American.

This beautiful lady does not ask you for change or anything so I assume that she may be in a shelter but have to leave during the daytime like most shelters.  She smells very fresh and clean and her clothes are always clean.

Something horrible has happened to this lady and only she knows her story.  What I  know is that the rents in my area are outrageous and we are definitely one paycheck away from homelessness.

  This is the reality!  Instead of the United States bailing out other countries, it is time for America to provide for her children who have fallen on hard times.

There is no excuse for anyone to be walking the streets without anywhere to lay their heads and lack of food.

Next time you see a homeless person and you turn your nose up and just assume they  have done something wrong to experience homelessness, go, take your children to a local shelter and you will see that a lot of these people have lost jobs, disabled, cannot find affordable rent, lost spouses who was the breadwinner and etc.

 It will put you in the right mindset and make you want to help instead of criticizing.

Instead of the Suburbs trying to cover up their homeless problem, they should publicize it so, The White House can take notice and do something about this.

The truth is, homelessness can happen to anyone, even you and me.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

~Be Careful Where You Buy Your Editing Software Online~

                                                            Editing Software

A year ago i purchased editing software from EBay and i got it for a very good price and also for free shipping.  When i received the software, i installed it onto my computer and i quickly saw that it was very hard to use and it didn't come with instructions.

I researched online to find out how to use it but, i noticed that my computer was slowing down and it was acting very strangely.  I did an antivirus scan and it didn't show any problems, then i used some other ad ware removing utilities  and after about four tries, it detected that i did have some malware on my computer. It was the Conficker virus.

I removed the software but i was still having a lot of issues, so, I had to re-install my Windows and i did not use the software.

Last week i thought that maybe it wasn't this software, and maybe it was something else that infected my computer.  I decided to install this software again so that i could really learn how to use it and within a day i started to have the same problems again and i had to uninstall it for good this time.

You have to be really careful about ordering software online because it could be pirated software or inlaid with malware to infect your computer and to steal your important information.  Purchase only from reputable sources, that way you can return this software if you have a problem.

A lot of these viruses are hard to remove and the best remedy is to re-install your Windows. I will be looking for more editing software this year but i will really be careful this time, where i purchase from.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Beautiful Black Women, Why Are Our Men Not Choosing Us For Marriage? Top Ten Reasons.

                     Beautiful Black Women, Why Are Our Men Not Choosing Us For Marriage?

This post is a little difficult for a lot of us to discuss but I think that it is something that we must confront in order to learn the truth.  After years of noticing the trend of our men dismissing us and making excuses not to marry us, I think it is time for us to be real and find out why.  Some of us know what the problem is but we will not accept it.

What is behind this situation that we are the last on the totem pole to be married?  I will share my thoughts and observations and you may or may not agree but I hope that this post will get us talking and thinking and finding way's to correct the obstacles that we may have in getting a spouse.

Here are some of the problems why we are not getting married:

  1. We are very loud, aggressive, and men are turned off by this behavior.  I am not saying that we should be a doormat but sometimes we are angry for no reason at all and it is turning our men off. We have to understand that it is a time and place for everything.  
  2. We are having too many children out of wedlock and when a man see this, it looks like you do not have any self control and this man do not want to raise all these children with you because he feels like it isn't financially feasible.  The more children that you have out of wedlock diminishes your chances of being a wife.  I know that things happen in life and we all have obstacles but ladies limit the amount of children that you have while you are unmarried.  Use birth control and if you do not believe in birth control, maybe you need to stay single and concentrate on yourself  and work on your life until you are married.
  3. Ladies, we are acting too masculine and taking over the relationship.  I know that we are taught to be strong and we should but let your man do something in  your relationship and stop trying to take over the man's role and not letting or expecting him to take his rightful place in your relationship. When you do this, you are letting this man know that you will do everything for him and he doesn't have to add any value to your relationship.
  4. Don't introduce him to your children right away and don't move him into your place.  When you do this, he feels like he can get over on you and that you don't really care or value your children.  Being a mom means that you are suppose to cherish and protect your children.  He will feel like you are not the kind of woman that he wants to marry because you may do this to his children if the relationship don't work out.  This will seriously diminish your chances ladies!
  5. Do not participate in threesomes with the man you are dating, because if you do, this will continue throughout your relationship and it will be a disaster.  You are worthy of  a monogamous relationship and if your man will not be faithful, let him go and allow the right man to come into your life.
  6. Keep check of your hygiene ladies and look nice and neat because no man wants his future wife to look a mess and smell a mess.  It doesn't take a lot of money to look good and smell good.  Take care of yourself and your children because no man wants a wife who do not keep herself or her children looking good.
  7. Do not flash large sums of money around because this will make the man feel like he doesn't have to contribute to your relationship and this will also make him want to use you for your money.  If you have it, keep it to yourself.  It is not any of his business anyway.
  8. This is a biggie ladies!  Don't flaunt all your expensive clothes and don't act too high maintenance because this will make a man feel that he will not be able to afford all the designer clothes, handbags and shoes and he will assume that you are in credit card debt.  It is nothing wrong with buying nice things but if he sees all this, he will run for the hills because he may want to get a home when he marries you, and he does not want all the added expense of your high maintenance way's.
  9. Never, never, give a man your money and pay his bills because he will see this as a sign of weakness  and once you start this, he will expect you to take care of him.  Don't be a fool, let him pay his way through life.  Let him be a man!
  10. Don't wear revealing clothing when you are out with your man because no man wants his woman looking like she is easy or like a woman selling her body.  If you look cheap, he will treat you like trash.  He will not see you as a woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. If you do no know how to dress nicely, then ask a friend who you admire and let her show you what kind of clothes look good on you. You can look beautiful without showing everything.
* These tips aren't meant to offend but think about them and start implementing these into your life and see whether you see a change in your dating life and when you get that proposal, please leave me a comment.  These changes are not hard to follow and it can only help you.  


Monday, February 8, 2016

Minimalism works!

I watched this video and I was quite amazed on how this young lady worked out her budget to save this much money.  I share these videos with hope that we all learn to be more mindful about our spending.  She could use that amount of money to start a business or anything that she like to do with it.

We all can do this, we just have to learn the skills and develop the mindset of saving and learning how to live on less.  It is easier than you think!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Do We Have To Buy All New Decor Every Season? Exposing The Myth

Image result for images of home decor

Do We Have To Buy All New Decor Every Season? Exposing The Myth.

We all have heard all our lives that we should change our decor every year.  This blog post is not for the people who can afford to do this because my blog is about saving money, but, I feel that if you  are in a financial bind and you have spent a lot of money on the holidays, you may want to listen to this advice.

A lot of times we have blankets, sheets, curtains, and etc., that we have put away and have not used in a very long time. I have done this so many times and have donated these items and it wasn't a thing wrong with them.   I was brainwashed and didn't even realized it.  If your items are in good shape and pretty, you can just wash it and use it or switch it to another room.

Saving money is using common sense and that means to use your resources wisely.  The best thing that we can do is do a thorough cleaning and make sure that everything is in good shape.  You can also spruce up a comforter by taking pillows that you are tired of in your living room and switch it to the bedroom and then you have a new look without buying anything.

If you do this for a few years you will save money that you can use for paying bills or something else.  


The Brown Out Of America's Water System

                                   The Brown Out Of America's Water System

By now, you have all heard about the water crisis that is going on in Flint Michigan.  The water is brown and it is full of lead and other carcinogens.  Why is this going on in America, I don't know!
There are loads of people who have no water to bathe, wash dishes and drink.  What would you do if you went to your faucet and turned it on and nothing but brown mushy water came out. I would freak out!

I truly cannot understand how we all can live in a society that would allow its citizens to live under such inhumane conditions.  Our Government is quick to respond to other countries when they have a crisis but who is coming to our Aid. My heart ache for these people who have worked hard all their lives and help create Flint Michigan and they have to survive on bottled water and do not even have enough to attend to their hygiene.

Often I think about the mother who have just given birth and cannot clean her newborn baby correctly or have to ration out the bottled water to see if she has enough to clean or to give her baby to drink.

The truth of the matter is that, Flint Michigan is not the only City and State who is experiencing this problem with the water.  As I am writing this post, my town is experiencing problems with Cancer causing agents in the water system.  I am about to believe that some of this is intentional due to fraud.

A lot of people don't know what Lead can do to a child's body.  I am going to tell you medically what can happen:

Lead Poisoning:

  • Can permanently damage kid's brains.
  • Can affect physical and mental development.
  • Can cause Anemia, Kidney damage, and Brain Damage.
  • Can make it hard for a child to learn, pay attention and succeed in school.
  • Cause behavior problems.
  • Damage the Nervous system.
  • Can slow child's growth.
  • Convulsions.
  • Irritability.
  • Reduced IQ scores.

I hope that at some point, there will be a Class Action Suit with the Government of those States affected with poisoned water and I am praying that our President do something about this crisis.  We all are being asked to donate water when our Government should be the ones supplying and fixing this situation.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Are We Getting Enough Fruit During The Winter Months?

For some reason I tend not to get enough fruit and vitamin C during the winter months.  I like fruit but it is something that I do not buy always and when I go to the supermarket sometimes I forget to pick some up or I find comfort food that I gravitate towards.

My Grandson loves fruit but he isn't a big eater, so, I hate to buy a big bag of fruit and have it go bad.
The very last time I went shopping I went in the fruit and vegetable aisle and saw the packs of fruit and it only had about five apples or five oranges and you can also get a mix of each.  I think this is a good way to buy fruit but not have it just sitting around and spoil.

Many supermarkets carry these packs and they also sell some vegetables this way.  When you go to your local store, check it out and it is so much more affordable than those big bags of fruit. 

These small packets are perfect to cut up to make a fruit cup for our children or grandchildren to take to school for lunch.