Saturday, March 19, 2016

QVC You Are The Leader!

I have been  watching the shopping networks for many years.  Many times I imagined myself presenting Jewelry and describing the product and getting a chance to talk to the customers interested in buying Jewelry at affordable prices.  Being a plus sized girl most of my life I quietly thought that people my size could never get a job in the TV Shopping Network arena.

Many years ago, they didn't even have any plus size models.  I would watch models showcasing the many famous clothing brands and sometimes I was afraid to order because I was not sure that the style or cut of the garment would suit my body type.

Well, QVC I have to salute you.  Recent years I have seen so many changes in QVC because you have a variety of host who are plus size.  This makes me feel very proud because now, a young lady will see these beautiful plus size women and say to herself " I can do this too".

These plus size ladies who work for QVC are very proficient at their job and it makes me more eager to order clothing from them.

QVC have plus size models who vary from size 12 on up and some even look like they are a size 20.  I can tell from the way they are wearing the item whether it would look good on me and it is such an blessing because we no longer have to stand in the background wearing the big shapeless Mumu.

Accepting yourself at any size is a great thing to do.  If you don't, nobody else will!

Friday, March 4, 2016

How To Save Money On Office Wear

                                          How To Save Money On Office Wear

Hello Ladies:  After an online research I found a wonderful website.  You all know that thrift shopping is a hobby and passion of mines and I love searching through the many racks to find beautiful clothing.

Some of us are working and don't have the time to hit our local thrift stores or maybe our town don't carry quality items.  Well, you are in luck, You can now find nice clothing for work or to wear just about anywhere and you can really save money.  The website that I am just in love with is

I searched and I found some beautiful tops and blouses for five and six dollars and the first time shipping was free.  If you order after that, the shipping is very reasonable.  Being a plus size lady, sometimes you can be very hard to fit and makes it very easy to return items that do not fit you correctly.

This online consignment shop is the answer to us all who may be on a budget and the clothes are in great condition.  You can also send in your items to make a little money or use your credits towards new purchases.  I ordered five tops and it came to $25.00.  What a bargain!

They also have some higher priced items if you are interested in designer items.  You can also shop for your children.  This would be really good for shopping for school clothes to mix in with new items to build your kid's wardrobe.

If you are a lady who is re-entering the workforce or changing jobs, you can create an office-friendly wardrobe that is affordable or if you are just tired of your clothes and want some new pieces, don't be afraid to try because you have nothing to lose.

Please leave a comment if you have tried this website and tell me what you think about it.