Friday, April 29, 2016

Jewelry Television You Could Be Much Greater If You Just Change This!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have been watching Jewelry Television on and off for about three years.  Lately, I have been watching a lot more often because I am a fan of their Gemstone and also their  Diamond Jewelry show.  I am a lover of big diamond rings and some of the other networks have really nice Jewelry but the pieces are small.

Your exotic gemstones are intriguing and I have seen some that I have never seen anywhere else. I had started to watch you more frequently to see the good deals that you have and also I like the old style presentation of your show. It reminds me of the old days of the TV shopping networks

What I am not a fan of, is the fact that you don't have Host who are of African American, Asian, and Hispanic heritage.  I believe that a network should reflect the population who will be purchasing your products and I truly believe that you could be so much greater if you would employ television host of different ethnicity's.

I am truly a shopper by nature, and would love to see people of different races presenting the Jewelry and I believe that it would bring your shopping network to a higher standard.

My favorite Host on your show is Nikki Rouleau I think she is very friendly and personable.

I have not ordered anything yet from Jewelry Television and I am hoping that I will see some changes in this company before I buy anything.  I do have my eye on a few pieces.

These are my views only and I am not trying to persuade anyone to buy or not buy from this company.  Please make your own choices regarding purchasing.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Should You Have Giveaways And Contest On Social Media Sites?

When I started my Youtube Channel years ago, I was very eager to jump in the arena and there were a lot of people having giveaways and I thought that it was a very nice way to get to know people and also a way of promotion for my Youtube Channel.

People were giving away some really nice things on their channel and I entered some contest and it was so fun to participate, and interact with other youtubers who started around the time that I did.

I decided to do a giveaway and before it was announced I started to gather the items that I wanted to give away. This was joyful to me and this gave me the opportunity to make some new friends online.

What started to happen was, people were only subscribing to my channel only to get into the giveaway and as soon as the giveaway was over, they unsubscribed.    Since this is also a form of promotion the decision was made not to do any more giveaways.

From this point I decided I  would do lovemail and  have enjoyed contacting some subscribers behind the scene's to send them things that they would like.

This is a way that I give back to the people who sincerely subscribed to my channel and who have supported me and we became friendly with each other.

I have been on other social media sites and have participated in some giveaways and have found, that, some people have a giveaway but they never give you the prize that you won.  I don't know whether these people changed their mind about the giveaway or what.

My feelings regarding this is; if you cannot follow through on your giveaway, just cancel it because things do happen that may prevent you from sending the prizes off.   This would be the fair way to deal with this situation.

Another thing that we must consider when we host a giveaway is; when you announce a giveaway, you open yourself up to dealing with some legal issues when you do not award the prizes, because this could be considered gambling fraud.

Make sure that you do a thorough research regarding contest and giveaways online to see if it is worth you taking a chance with the legalities of hosting a contest.  Also, be sure that you have the prizes already in your possession and the money to pay postal fee's before you post your giveaway.

Keep thorough records of when the contest started and it ending date and make sure that you save all receipts such as; sales receipts from the purchase of contest items and postal fee's.  This will prevent some problems in the future.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Open Letter To You La'Porsha Renae

                                             My Open Letter To You La'Porsha Renae

A few months ago I watched you audition for American Idol.  A lady with a larger than life presence, with an Afro that rivals a time in African American history when we were saying it loud that we were black and proud.  When you opened your mouth to sing I had chills and I just knew that you would make it to the end.  I called one of my sisters and we both said that you would win .

As time went by I could see a sadness in your eyes that only some women have and then I heard your story of  Domestic Abuse and your story of survival.  As tears fell down your face, I cried and prayed and thanked God that you joined the ranks of  women who could honestly say " I Am An Overcomer And I Rise."  My heart melted when I saw your baby with her angelic face.  I am so glad that women will have the strength to leave their abuser because of your story, and know that they can overcome and live life as a conqueror.

God counted your tears and decided to use you to prove not only to others but also to yourself , the strength that he birthed in your belly, and the greatness that is to come into your life.  Tomorrow night you will be the last among some of the greatest singers who appeared on American Idol, shining bright like a diamond.

As you wear your crown of greatness, just remember, "The Best Is Yet To Come."

Update:  La'Porsha Renae did not win the American Idol Title, but, my sentiments are still the same and I am sure that she will bring us some wonderful music with her new label, Motown.

Are We Sharing Too Much On Social Media?

I have been active on social media for a few years now.  I wasn't exactly sure about what I should share and what I shouldn't share on social media.  When we start on our journey on Youtube and also start Blogging, our creative juices start flowing and since we are sharing our lives sometimes, we over share.  I am guilty of this myself, but what we don't realize is that anyone with an Internet connection is privy to all our personal information.

Sometimes we forget that there are people on  social networks that can view us and we don't know who they are.  Some of these companies demand that we use our real names which further put us at risk.  There are people who like us but there are also people for some reason or another do not care for us and we have to learn to be very careful about disclosing certain things on social media.

Like most of you, I have heard a lot of horror stories and most of the time it comes from someone becoming obsessed with you or don't like something that you revealed.  We must never forget that there are some really crazy people in this world and we have to take steps to protect ourselves and our families.

Let's make a conscious effort to share but don't share too much. We deserve our privacy like anyone else.  Do not give anyone an open door into your life.

If your life is threatened do not take it lightly and alert the proper authorities and tell the people that you love, what is going on.