Thursday, May 26, 2016

The View ( Bathing Suit Body Shaming)

Today I watched The View and they were speaking about the body shaming incident with Amy Schumer and the ladies on the program did a segment supposedly with their bathing suits.  Whoopi came out with her signature outfit with the big pants and a big button up shirt, then Candace came out with a bathing suit with a cover-up and she didn't remove the cover-up and she looked uncomfortable.

Then, Joy came out with pants and a top on and I started scratching my head and said to myself " what the heck!!!"     Paula came out and she had a bathing suit with a big cover-up and she did not remove it to show her bathing suit.  She was also uncomfortable.

I have no problem with what Whoopi  and Joy had on because they are women of a certain age but it would have been nice if they actually had  on a suit with a cover-up. I was appalled at Candace and Paula because if we are going to show young ladies that their bodies are perfect just the way they are, we have to lead by example.

I don't know who came up with the idea to do this segment but it was a very poor attempt at supporting the cause against body shaming.

Shame on you The View, we must do better!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lies And Myths About Plus Size Women.

Hello Ladies:  I have been a plus size women most of my life and over the years I notice and heard all the myths and lies that were told about us, so, let us look at these myths and bust them and you can even add some of your own if you can think of some.

                                     Lies And Myths About Plus Size Women

We eat all the time:  This is a myth because a lot of us in fact, do not have a big appetite.  Our bodies carry more weight or we eat sweets and carbohydrates that are not kind to our bodies.

We don't smell good:  I have heard this myth many times.With all the body weight, we know that we have to try harder to keep ourselves clean and fresh and we make it a habit to bathe both day and night.  We love to wear the finest perfumes and we smell divine.

We are lazy:  This is a myth because there are a lot of ladies who work, run businesses and take care of our families and we do the same things as a person of a so-called normal weight.  I have seen some thin people who are very lazy.

No Man wants to marry us:  Just look around and you will see many plus size women with husbands or boyfriends and some men specifically like a plus size lady.  Truthfully, you will see more "big girls" with husbands than smaller women.  Men like to take a woman out who isn't always complaining that she is on a diet.

We are desperate and will take care of a man:  This is a myth because we are like any other woman. There are women who put up with this behavior, but, I know a lot of women who definitely will not take care of a man and will demand respect from her mate.

  Some men automatically think that if you are plus size, you will be their fool and this is a misnomer.  If you mistreat us, we will get rid of you very fast.

We are sloppy and wear ugly clothes:  I remember a time when there was not a good variety of clothing for plus size women, but, times have changed and I am so thankful for this.  We love to look good and wear fashionable clothing too.

 So many retailers carry clothing in our size now, and we can also get our clothing online and we can look just as good as anyone.

We love clothing that accentuates our curves and in beautiful colors.
They think we are not smart because we are fat:  I have no idea who thought of this because a bigger body doesn't have anything to do with our intellect.

  A lot of us are very bright and if people would have a real conversation with us without worrying about our size, they would know that we bring a lot to the table ( No Pun Intended).
We should only wear black because black is slimming:  If I had to wear black clothing I would scream.

  I think that we can wear clothing in beautiful colors just like anyone and I also encourage it because black clothing can sometimes wash us out.

As long as the clothing has a good fit, we can wear it.
All of us are unhealthy:   If your weight is affecting your health, then you should try to lose some weight but I know some ladies who have no health issues at all, so, we should not be put in a box.

 There are ladies who are very healthy and you will see them strutting proudly with a big, beautiful, smile on their faces.

* I hope this post eliminate the lies and the myths and I am sure that there are a lot more.

Ladies, live loud and proud and don't let any one's perception of you, get in the way of you living your life to the fullest.

We are beautiful and we have value.  Let's show the world what we are made of!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How To Save Money.

                                               9 Ways To Save Money

I like to include some of these video's to see other peoples perspective and learn specific way's that they use to save money.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Akon Could Be Leaving The USA? (Commentary)

Akon Could Be Leaving The USA?

This morning I was watching news program Good Day New York , which is based in New York City.  The host Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly interviewed Akon and spoke about his new single which is to be released today on Itunes called, "Tell Me We're Okay."    The conversation was pretty light hearted and Akon said that he was selling his house in Georgia for 2.5 Million Dollars.  Then the "Shocker"  Akon said that if a certain person  get's the bid for President, he will be leaving the United States Of America and will be going back to Africa for four years.

Akon never said who the candidate is that would force him to leave the USA but it is easy to assume who it is.  Raven Symone said something similar a few months ago and she claims " if Donald Trump becomes President, I am moving to Canada and I already have my plane ticket."

I will not say that Akon or Raven do not have the right to leave the country because they do, but I would like to say that we all have the right to vote and we must exercise that right.  We cannot tell people who to vote for.  I have a friend who is voting for Donald Trump and that is her preference.  I will not be voting for him but that is the great thing about our country,  you can vote for the candidate of your choice and don't have to disclose it to anyone.

A lot of us voted for President Obama and he won because a lot of people went out in great numbers to vote for him.

Do not sit home and complain, if you don't vote.  Also, if your candidate get's in don't mean that life will be easy and smooth sailing.  People are not perfect and they will make many mistakes.  The best thing to do is pray to your God for guidance and for protection for the whole country.

To you Akon:  If you leave and return in four years, we will be here to welcome you back with open arms and enjoy more of  your good music.