Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Having Faith In The Future By Listening To Our Elders.

                             Having Faith In The Future By Listening To Our Elders.

I spent some time with my mom this weekend and I learned so much from her regarding the past.  She recited stories about her life and I wondered " Could I have been so strong and survived." She talked about hard times that people of my generation haven't endured. Back then people had to do really hard labor to feed and take care of their families.  They dealt with extreme racism and they had to use bathrooms for colored people.  These people had so much against them but they fought hard to survive.

A lot of the things that we complain about don't match any of the trials and tribulations that they had to endure.  What they had in their favor were  family and neighbors who cared and was willing to lend a hand.  Fighting, fussing and picking each other apart is never going to help us progress in our ever changing world.

We need God and we need each other.  That is the key and the glue that will help our future generation to move forward.  When we act negatively with our brother, sister or fellow man we create dissension and we move forward to destroying ourselves.

Next time you hear elderly people talk about the past, just listen and realize if they could make it in this world of uncertainty, you can also but you cannot make it alone.

Change your thinking and mindset and create the world that you want to live in.  Peace dwells in all of us.  Working together is the answer and love each other because God loves you and he will bless you for what is in your heart.

Monday, September 19, 2016

How to save money on clothing

Monday, September 12, 2016

What Music Group Or Duo, Would You Love To See Reunite?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am a music lover and for many decades there have been many who have warmed our hearts, made us cry, taught us about life and we will never forget their contribution to music and the blessings that they gave us by sharing their beautiful music with us. Some of these people have gone on to do other things but we will never forget the music that shaped our lives.  "Where Are They Now!"  I don't know but if you do, please drop me a line.

                                                        The Jets


Johnny Gill And Stacy Lattisaw






Monday, September 5, 2016

How To Live A Peaceful Life

How To Live A Peaceful Life:

  1.  Do not make or stay friends with people who are negative because their spirit will rub off on you.
  2. Surround yourself with people who are of the same peaceful temperament as yourself.
  3. Diffuse arguments quickly in your home and take a time-out.
  4. Live the type of lifestyle in front of your children that you would like for them to become.
  5. Listen to good music that makes you happy and brings back good memories only.
  6. Give to the needy because this brings joy to your spirit.
  7. Bring plants and animals into your life because it brings love into your world.
  8. Pray to God because prayer changes things.
  9. Learn how to save money because debt does not equal living in peace.
  10. Share knowledge with others because knowledge is power.

Friday, September 2, 2016

I Am In Love With You September.

September I am in love with you.  Why because even though the leaves will be changing soon, you are so cool, fresh, and you give me a lot of hope.  Why do I have hope?  You always promise me warm days and cool, beautiful nights.  I can count on you for some good food and good times and strolls throughout New York City. Taking in the fact that the dog days of the summer are over.

September you have always brought me love in this special month, I don't know why but only God knows.  This month I am going to make it the best ever.