Thursday, October 27, 2016

Are You Planting Into Infertile Ground?

                                  Are You Planting Into Infertile Ground?

I decided to do this post because I have been thinking about the seeds that I have been planting for years now with my online hobbies.  Some of these activities are productive but It was never my goal to use social media as a business.

 There is a company that I have been associated with that has not lived up to the end of their bargain.  I will not say the name of this company but I feel that I have produced and I am not seeing any progress with this company.

  I think my biggest regret is not taking my hobby serious enough to see that it could possibly turn into something more.

Before you think about joining a social media platform, you should truly research it and see if it is a viable choice where you could turn it into a small business.  I  love having a hobby.

 I am a very sick person, so I have to keep my mind occupied to keep from dwelling on my illnesses.  Do not let these companies use  your craft to get rich and leave you with nothing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to get rid of credit card debt

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Your Nail Shop Or Hair Braiding Salon Can Be A Place For Prostitution And Slavery

Your Nail Shop Or Hair Braiding Salon Can Be A Place For Prostitution And Slavery.

A lot of women like to get their nails done or get their hair braided and there are shops all over in every city.  In my city, you can see about 7 or more shops within a 2-mile radius.  These shops have a lot of clients and they bring in a lot of money.  Most of these shops employ women from other countries and some speak English but some really don't speak it well.  African hair braiding shops are very popular and you will see a lot of young women braiding hair.

 Over about 4 years I have heard raids going on because a lot of these owners are actually pimps and they are taking the tips that you give these ladies and they are making very little to almost no money for their work.  They are beaten and forced to work for very long hours.  These ladies were brought to the United States Of America and are promised a nice place to live and the opportunity to earn money to support themselves but also to send money back home to their country.

What these ladies didn't expect; they would be sold into slavery and prostitution.  Most of these ladies will not report these pimps to the police authorities because they are illegal and they will be sent back to their country.  They are also scared that they will be killed.  Some of these ladies are living in the back rooms of these nail shops and after dark, they are sold to Johns for sex.  They will have to perform or they will be beaten.  The shop owner keeps all the money.  You will be surprised that there are some women running these brothels.

I have seen with my own eyes, owners taking tip money right out of these girls hands.  I don't get my nails done much but when I would go, I would usually get a simple manicure and one time the owner made fun of me because I didn't want to get the more expensive nail manicure and my feet done.

Pay close attention to the ladies when you go to the nail shop or the hair braiding salon because if you see something please report it.  You can report it anonymously.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Over 23000 Kids In New York City Are Homeless

                                      Over 23000 Kids In New York City Are Homeless.

Yesterday, I was watching a TV Show called "Good Day New York."  I watch this show every morning because it is a part of my daily routine while getting ready to leave my home.  This show is so informative because it has entertainment but it also has stories that are really serious in nature along with their political views.

The conversation yesterday was about New York City having the highest rate of homeless people that they have seen in a long time.  I was so shocked to find out that over 23000 kids in New York City are homeless.  As we all bicker about who the next president is going to be, we must take action to find out the cause of the increase in homelessness and look for solutions that would eradicate this crisis.

How can we keep bailing out other countries when ours is falling apart? How can a child concentrate in school when he or she doesn't have a place to lay their heads?  The answers lie with our current president and the mayors of these cities.

I know a lot of states have torn down projects that house a lot of people and I agree that in the past, it was an eyesore, but, maybe we need some of these developments to house people who are homeless and give them a stable place to stay.  We cannot train up a child in the way that they should go, when they are broken and they don't have a home.  Just imagine all the extra things that you would have to think about when you are homeless.  Even if you are employed, you would have to find a place to lay your head every evening.  What a shame!

This is America and change must come before it is too late.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

This Dress Is Cute!

                                                    This Dress Is Cute!

I went to the Mall about a week ago and I saw this simple, black, dress.  I love the cut of this garment and the material was good quality and heavy.  These kinds of dresses are a staple that we all should have because it can be dressed up or down.  You can wear this dress year round and just add a blazer when the weather gets cooler.

I didn't purchase it but if it is still around, I will go back and buy it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

I Have Been Shaken To The Core!

                                          I Have Been Shaken To The Core

Well, Guys, I had a lot to confront this weekend. There were decisions to be made and they had to be made quickly.  I cannot go into direct details but I have some things that I want to say.

 You can go through life and refuse to see the things right before you and you try to cover up the hurt but there will be a time that you will have to face a situation, a (Goliath) in your life.

 This situation was something that had been going on for a very long time but I didn't know how to confront this situation because of the uncertainty about how it would turn out.

God, let me know that now was the time and when I attempted to approach this situation, the pieces started to fall into place.  I was still fearful and to be honest, I still am.  That is what real change will do, it will scare the heck out of you.

  Still not sure what the outcome will be, but, I am expecting something great to come through this.  When God says move, you better move because you may not get the opportunity again.

Confront your fears early because it will still have to be confronted even if it is many years from now.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Truth About Poverty And Its Effects.

The Truth About Poverty And Its Effects.
A poverty mindset begins at a very young age.  We eat, sleep, and breathe its effects.
Poverty breeds contempt, greed, desperation, and instability.  If you have ever been poor, you will never forget the grip it has had on your life.

Even if you are no longer poor you will still wake up in a cold sweat from dreams you have had about your childhood.  The chipped paint, the times you probably have seen your parent cry because they are wondering where the food and the school clothes will come from.  Scenes of children going to bed hungry and their cries are something you will never forget.

Being poor is shameful, especially to children because they are usually teased and picked on in school.  They wear the badge of scorn that shouldn't be theirs. 

Sometimes you will see young mothers wearing designer duds while their babies are in a soiled shirt and diaper, most of the day.
Some fathers will avoid coming home because they don't want to face the reality because they are unemployed and a non-contributor to the family. Most of the time they will disappear or drown their despair with alcohol.

Some people will borrow money from a neighbor or friend to buy food and then the next month they will have to pay this person back and revisit poverty once more.  This is a never-ending cycle that will hold you in the prison and grip of poverty.

The problem with poverty is, we escape through spending money that we really don't have.  We run away through alcohol, gambling and sometimes drugs and do not hold the other parent accountable for the responsibility in our children's lives.

How To Escape Poverty?

Educate yourself.  If you cannot go to college, go to your local Library and read self-help books and money management books.  Get a job and find other legal ways to supplement your income.  You can take low-cost courses through your local high school. If you do not have your high school diploma, study and get your GED.

If you or your children need clothing, go to a clothing bank, participate in clothing swap meets so you can get bigger size clothing for your kids if they are outgrowing their clothes.  You can also volunteer at a local thrift store to get skills and free clothing.  Also, try to get free clothing.

If you need furniture, there are thrift stores and also organizations that donate furniture.  Contact social service organizations again Freecycle or ask family and friends for furniture they no longer want or using.  You can also get furniture from the curb but be careful you do not want to bring bedbugs home.

For food, only buy generic brands and learn how to cook with inexpensive ingredients.  Watch YouTube videos for good, cheap, recipes.  If you are really desperate contact social services for help with food and if you are really in dire straights consider dumpster diving and if you live near a lake or stream learn how to fish and read books on how to cook and clean it correctly.

Live beneath your means, pray, and don't borrow what you cannot pay back.


Friday, October 14, 2016

~The Top Five Vloggers I Am Enjoying On YouTube~

There are some vloggers that I am really enjoying on YouTube.  Their Vlogs are  unique in their own right. Some Vlog with other family members and other's don't. If you are a person who enjoys daily Vlogs or weekly Vlogs, please check these wonderful people out.

                                                         Lily Sweetz

                                                     1CUPOFCOCOA TV




Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Dangers Of The Clown Phenomenon.(Commentary)

                                  The Dangers Of The Clown Phenomenon.

I have been hearing a lot about clown sightings for the last two months or so.  People are seeing clowns with knives and some are chasing people around and some are trying to lure children.  The government is making all sort of excuses instead of calling it what it is and that is inexcusable.  The police officers like to shoot unarmed men because of the color of their skin but will see people walking around in a clown costume, as no genuine threat.

I guarantee you will hear a tragic story in the next few months regarding these clowns.  I feel that no one should be walking around in a costume unless it is Halloween.  If they have a job working with children, they should not be walking the streets with the mask on their face. Some clowns are hanging around schools.  This is a very dangerous situation and in the wake of things happening with terrorism, I think someone should really look into this phenomenon and put a stop to it.

Monday, October 10, 2016

So, you want to work at home huh?

So, you want to work at home huh?

Working at home can be very rewarding; I used to  do it many years ago.  If you have small children this could be the right solution for increasing your income while staying at home.  It sounds like it is so easy to do but it isn't.  If you are a person who isn't used to working independently you may have a problem.  When working at home you would have to give yourself a schedule to follow and the times when the kids are at school or sleep you could put in the work that is needed.

Some people are not cut out for this kind of work because they are not good at starting a job and finishing it without someone looking over their shoulder. You really have to have some self-determination or you will really fail.  If you do not put in your hours you will not make enough money to take care of yourself.

When looking for a work at home job, you have to be careful because there are a lot of scams out there.
  • Never pay money to start a work at home job unless you carefully researched it and it turns out to be legit.  Most work at home jobs you will not have to pay anything.
  • Check out Backstage Newspaper for some opportunities and also carefully research craigslist because sometimes they do have some jobs but you have to be very careful because there are some unscrupulous people there.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  • There are many YouTube channels that promote work at home opportunities and they are legitimate.

If you do not find any opportunities you could start your own small business to work at  home.

Be aware you have to pay tax on this income because you are considered an independent contractor.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Is It Really Worth It To Be Internet Famous??

                                      Is It Really Worth It To Be Internet Famous?

I have been thinking about this subject a lot in the last few months.  There have been a lot of stories in the news regarding internet safety and oversharing.

  Although I am not Internet famous, I am sincerely considering what I share online.  Do people really need to know everything that goes on in your life?

  Over the years I have been on social media, I have heard many sad stories of someone getting murdered, or robbed, due to their activities online.

The death of YouTube Guru Christina Grimmie really hit home for me because she was on her way to greatness and she shared her life through YouTube and while sharing her talent on The Voice Tv Show.

 The problem with Internet Fame is the fact that you are famous online but you do not have the protection that people in other forms of entertainment have at their disposal.

  You do not know who is watching you and you do not know the danger associated with Social Media.

There are a lot of sick people in this world and I really don't feel that it is worth it to expose your family or yourself.  I remember when life was so much easier and we really formed friendships and relationships the old-fashioned way,

I am not saying that it is wrong to work hard and create opportunities for yourself online but you will have to be careful to keep yourself safe.

 We all have heard about Kim Kardashian getting robbed and you would think that she would be safe because she did have a bodyguard but this just proves that you cannot get too comfortable sharing your possessions and personal information on social media.

If you are Internet Famous, please consider getting a bodyguard and proper permits to protect and defend yourself.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How To Eliminate Leeches, Blood Suckers And Energy Sapping Vampires From Your Life

How To Eliminate Leeches, Blood Suckers And Energy Sapping Vampires From Your Life.

We all have had experiences with friends, homeless people on drugs or at a time or another, a family member who just take all the joy out of your life by begging and promising to pay you back your money or they are very frivolous with their money and when it is all gone they are coming to you for you to bail them out.

I give to homeless people all the time but one person I have given to over eleven years and he hasn't gotten himself together and every time I see him, he has a very sad story to tell so you can feel sorry for him and I can see that he is dying right before my eyes

Are you wasting time or energy on people who are playing the game just to get over on you?

I recently had a conversation with someone and they said "Let's Go Out" I said " I don't have money right now, I am trying to save money" Out of their next breath they asked me for money and I said "NO" and I haven't heard from them since.

How To Eliminate Leeches, Blood Suckers And Energy Sapping Vampires From Your Life.

  1. Stay away from them.
  2. Don't give them money and they will stay away.
  3. If they are in trouble and you want to help them, you can pay their bill directly but don't give them cash.
  4. Don't let them move in with you because they will try to get over on you and they will not pay their way.  You will end up taking care of them.
  5. If you want to help a homeless person, bring them food or if near a restaurant, take them to get something to eat.
  6. Pray that they change their ways because prayer changes things.
  7. If children are involved, buy for the children and if their parents are selling their kids things, you may want to reach out to social service agencies for a more permanent solution to hold parents accountable.