Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Should We Keep Humiliating Chrisette Michele? (Commentary) Keeping It Real

We all have heard about Chrisette Michele performing at the Presidential Inauguration.  A lot of people are upset and I feel that we must accept that Donald Trump is the President Of The United States Of America.  The people who did not vote in the election, this is your fault because now a lot of you want to complain.

  Maybe it wasn't a good choice but it was her choice.  There are many African American entertainers who are literally struggling to make an income from their craft. People always assume that these singers are (rolling in the dough) it is not always true.  Just last week I was looking up a singer who I really love, net worth, and it was only $250,000 and I was shocked because this singer has been singing since the 1980's.  I really feel that we should support these singers so that they don't have to sing for venues that really don't support them, but they have to because they must make a living.

To punish Chrisette Michele for doing what she felt that she had to do isn't fair at all. We love to jump on bandwagons and take up causes when we really need to find out what we need to do for our communities and go to more shows to support these artist because it is much needed.  Many rock artist are popular and they have been performing for thirty years or more, why? because their community sees value in their art.

I think back to the times when Sammy Davis Jr. had to perform at clubs and could only enter from the back door and could not be served in restaurants because of the color of his skin. Many of the singers from yesteryear had to perform and could not use the bathrooms at the club because they were considered inferior because of their race and they had to use facilites for black people.  Many decided to perform anyway because they had to persevere to get their breakthrough and they helped change this nation in many ways.  We must learn our history so that we can appreciate what our ancestors did to build and change America.  

We still endure discrimination but it is better than it used to be and we must change our mindset because it is stifling and we have to move forward.  Moving forward doesn't mean that we forget where we have come from but it means that we are going to build from here and get everything that America has to offer.

If we stay in the same place, we will not grow!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

You May Be In A Religious Cult! (Commentary)

                                          You May Be In A Religious Cult!

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen:  I know this is a sensitive subject but the truth shall make you free.  Some of you know, I grew up in the Pentecostal religion and I have a lot of respect for it.  In my lifetime I have seen coverage about religious cults especially, regarding Jim Jones who was a maniacal leader of a religious cult in Jonestown, Guyana.  He conducted a mass murder-suicide of 918 of the members of his cult in 1978.

It is so easy to get caught up in a cult and at one time a person who I was acquainted with almost drew me into this lifestyle but I am suspicious by nature and listened to my intuition regarding this.  A lot of people are hungry for God and these unscrupulous people prey on the church patrons meek and forgiving nature.  I have seen so many Reverends and Bishops preach about living right and salvation but they are not living right themselves.  No one is perfect but they require perfection in you and me.

There are a lot of signs to look out for and they are not easy to miss.  Below, I will list some of the signs.

Signs to look out for.
  1. The religious leader is very bossy and controlling.  Making certain demands on your money and your time.
  2. There are many cliques in the church and the head of these cliques are being worshiped like they are God.  They will exclude you until you do any and everything that they want.
  3. They hold church all throughout the week to get all of your time and money.
  4. Ask small children for money or have them out begging people for money to support the church.
  5. Ask to see you at weird hours to take advantage of you mentally and sometimes sexually.
  6. Take up numerous offerings during service.
  7. The church members are living in poverty while the leader lives a prosperous lifestyle.
  8. They tell you not to watch television or listen to certain kinds of music.
  9. Sometimes they will tell you that you can only wear white because they want to control everything about you.
  10. They will speak against other churches and tell you that you cannot visit other churches because they have the devil in them.
  11. Tell you who to date and who to marry.
  12. The leader has an entourage everywhere they go.
  13. If you do not belong to their church (cult)  they will be very rude and mean to you.
  14. Church members are losing their homes and everything else because they are giving the church all their money.
  15. I have even heard of church leaders asking the women in the church to sell their bodies to get money to give to them.
  16. Tell you to fast for many days and hours (excessively) till you are almost passing out, to find favor with God.
  17. Ask to see your bank statement to see how much money you have in your bank.
  18. Tell you to leave your husband or your wife because they don't go to their church.
  19. They make it clear that if you leave their church, you will go to Hell.
  20. Sometimes they will publicly scold you or even beat you.

*I want you to know that this is a long list but there are so many more signs.  If you visit a church and see people in there acting very weird, it is time to leave!

There are a lot of good churches out there, so I am not talking about those churches in this post but I urge you to always keep your eyes open.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Is Affiliate Marketing Really Profitable? (Commentary)

Hello, everyone.  I have been using Affiliate marketing on and off for about two years and I have heard all the stories about it being a great way to monetize your blog without using Google AdSense or in addition to using the AdSense program.  So far, I have used two programs and I am really working hard to promote their links and I really seem to be running into a brick wall.  There are so many rules to these programs and I am following them to the letter. 

I have read so many blogs and tried to use their instructions on how to promote my affiliate links and to be honest with you, none of them are working. Clearly, I am not looking for a get rich scheme because I know that they do not work, but, I also feel that some of the rules of these programs seems to penalize you, if a relative or friend purchase something using your link.  I feel that there is no better way to promote than your friends or family because they will usually purchase products because of your reputation and they feel that you are trustworthy.

I am not going to say that the programs do not work, because I do see many examples of the programs working but the affiliate programs do not instruct you on the different ways to promote their program effectively.  I also have seen articles stating that the affiliate programs are scams.  I will be researching further to make the final decision, whether these programs work or whether they are a waste of time.

If you use any of the affiliate programs, please leave a comment and add your input about how these programs really work.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How To Keep Yourself Safe When Shopping And Conducting Business In The Inner City

Safety is very important.  We are living in some very perilous times and although we cannot accurately prevent where danger may lurk, there are some precautions that we can take to be safer in areas that are notorious for drug activity, robbery and murder.  

When you shop in the inner city, you can find bargains that you cannot find anywhere else, so below you will find some tips that will be helpful.

Safety Rules

Dress down when you go shopping in these areas because you can sometimes see people watching you and checking you out to see if you look like you belong in the area.

Don't be overly friendly because people who live in the inner city are seldom friendly with people they do not know.

Do not open your handbag in public and take money out.  If you must, go into a store and do it in an area, where there are no people watching. 

Do not wear fancy jewelry because you do not want to attract people who may want to rob you.

Please do not stare at people because they are very uncomfortable with that.

Go shopping and try to get out of the city as soon as possible.

Stay out of big crowds because it is extremely dangerous.

Try not to get into any arguments with anyone, it is better to just walk away than to create a dangerous atmosphere for  you and your family.

Do not venture into areas that you are not familiar with.

Do not carry big bags because people will assume that you have a lot of money on you.

Do not act like a snob and have " I am better than you attitude."

Keep your expensive phone out of sight.

Don't hang out on the street in unsafe areas

Do not act fearful because criminals can smell it a mile away.

There are a lot more tips but these will help reduce the likelihood of you becoming a victim.

Monday, January 9, 2017

I Miss You So Much (Forever Young)

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Today, was a very hard day after losing a loved one.  I just want to express the importance of spending as much time with loved ones because you never know when it will be your last.

I vividly remember my nephew being born, he was a nice, healthy, beautiful baby with the thickest, blackest, curls on his head.  My heart melted when I first saw his little face and he and me were close.  He always had the biggest smile on his face that would make my day on even the saddest times in my life.

I would watch him play and he had the cutest little giggle and until he left us, he still had that boyish quality.  We noticed when he was a baby in his car seat, that he would sing when the car radio was on and my mom specifically said that he had a voice and would be a singer. Fast forward into his teen years he could be seen singing at many events and he loved to act also.   He accomplished many things in his short life and we lost him doing the thing that he loved   
 ( singing praises to the most high).  I am sad knowing that I will not see him again but I know that he will personally be singing to our Father in heaven, just like he did on earth.

I want to ask you all to not take anyone for granted because time is not on your side.  Spend as much time and take many pictures of your family so you can remember all of the good times. God only lend our family members to us for a short time.  We are not promised tomorrow. As we look over his life we will think of all the joy he has brought to our family.  Rest in peace nephew and when it is my time to cross over, I hope you are the first one that I see at the gate.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year ( What I Want To Get Rid Of And What I Want To Introduce Into My Life) 2017

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen,  I don't count on New Years Resolutions to bring changes into my life but I have been thinking about some of the things that I would like to get rid of.  2016 was a tough year for a lot of us and it brought forth some serious changes and eye-openers concerning our everyday life.  Below you will see some of the things that I am going to get rid of and the positive things that I want in my life.

What I Want To Get Rid Of
  1. Stagnation.  I want to concentrate on my dreams so I can see growth in all my endeavors.
  2. People in my life who really don't care about me and only in my life, to suck the life out of me. I am tired of spending my time with people who are not on the same path to betterment like I am and not happy regarding my well being.
  3. Liars.  I do not want anyone lying to me because it is negative energy.  Besides, you will forget the lie that you told and make a fool out of yourself.
  4. I want to get rid of a lot of old things that I have carried into the new year and get some nice, new things.
  5. Fear.  I would like to get rid of my fear that I have for the future and really celebrate today. Would love to travel this year.

What I Would Like To Introduce Into My Life

  1. I would like to try out some new recipes that are healthier this year.  I will be searching YouTube videos to accomplish this.
  2. More people who are of the same faith, I am.  This is very important to surround yourself with like-minded people because it will help strengthen your faith.
  3. Get to know some family members that I haven't been around.  Families are getting smaller due to death and I think that it is time to really get to know my family.
  4. I want to put more effort into my blogs because I really enjoy writing and it is a passion of mines that is pushing me to find more content that you all would like to read.  This is my hobby and I want it to move in the direction of a small business.
  5. I want to learn more about hair care and skin and nails this year.  Interested in learning how to do hair weaves and ways of taking care of my skin and how to grow my own nails to longer lengths.  Also, want to learn how to use all that makeup that I have.
There are a lot of other things that I would like to accomplish this year as it will be a time when I will be working on myself and making improvements.  

I pray that this new year will bring you much happiness, love, and prosperity.