Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What I Need White America To Realize! (Rant)

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen:  I have a small rant today.  I know that it is a little off subject but it needs to be addressed. I have had friends of different races throughout my life and some of them I count as a blessing but I have noticed lately in my life that some people take their friendship with you as sort of an experiment.

 What do I mean about an experiment? Giving unwarranted advice.  Sure, some of you know just what I mean about this.  It means that you have taken the liberty to try to fix me and give me career, and financial advice.  This advice was not asked for and being that I have never asked anyone for anything, becomes quite abrasive.

Friendships mean that we are both on equal footing and it is not a Doctor, patient relationship.  For goodness sake. I DON'T NEED FIXING!  I AM NOT BROKEN BECAUSE I AM A BLACK AMERICAN!

We must remember the tools that we have to create good friendships are the same regardless of race and if we just calm down and see people for the great people that they are, it would make things a lot easier and fulfilling.

There is plenty that we can learn from each other because of our differences.  Keep calm and work your program instead of trying to work somebody else's.  Don't try to save me because only God can be my Lord and savior. Pray for me and I will pray for you.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

What To Do When Someone Steals Your Ideas

What To Do When Someone Steals Your Ideas:
We have all encountered this situation when we have conversations with someone and they pick your brain to get your opinion.

I am a firm believer in sharing ideas but sometimes people do not want to do the work needed to find the solutions themselves.

All over the Internet, you will see where someone has copied your post or ideas word for word and it is something that really upsets me.  I understand that people have similar ideas and that is not a problem for me but outright stealing is something else.

I feel that people want a free ride and they want to profit or get credit for your art or work.

There are things that you can do to combat this problem.

  1. Always copyright your work.
  2. If you see your work or ideas on another website without your permission, ask the person or site to remove this information off their website.
  3. Contact a Lawyer.
  4. Be careful who you tell your ideas and dreams to.
  5. Put a Disclaimer on your site explaining what will happen if your work is stolen

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Lot Of Us Are Told To Go Back To Africa (Commentary)

As Black Americans, we have been told on numerous occasions to go back to Africa.  Today I am going to make an assessment of that statement.  Throughout my life, I have known many African people and a lot of us don't really know the truth.  The truth is, we do not have a homeland.  We tend to think that if things do not work out in America, we can just gather up our families and head to the Continent of Africa and we will be welcomed with open arms.  This could be further from the truth because the truth is, we can visit but we are not really wanted in Africa.  We are thought of as dumb, lazy and being a burden in Africa.

We are not really thought of as Ancestors of the African people.  I had a conversation about this with a friend of mines and people in Africa like to point out the fact that we are mixed race and that we do not truly have African blood.  We have to realize that we are in America but we are treated as we don't belong and it is the same way in Africa.  Many years ago, I would hear people say that they would gladly go back but really what are you going back to?  Are you ready to be talked down to and treated inferior by your own people?  

Of course, we are not in America by choice but since we are here, it is time for us to plant our feet firmly on the ground and take our rightful place and learn as much as we can and grow.  I do not usually do these kinds of post on this blog but I was led to do so and I use the term African American very loosely because Africa isn't our home.

We are absolutely not immigrants and it is going to take a big change of our mindset to effect a renewing of our spirits to live right and bring our families up with the fear of the Lord.  He is the only one that we can turn to, to break the cycle of lack, disrespecting our minds and our bodies and stagnation.  I was always told that there are many secrets and they are in books and a lot of us miss it because we do not read books enough.  

People come to America and they like to use us for our citizenship because they think that we are stupid.  Just think about it for a minute, they want to use us because we have something valuable. There are many things wrong in America and we face a lot of injustice but again think about it.  Another black person wants to use you for something that we take for granted.  Do you really think that other races want to see the African man or woman in America?  Heck no!  But they will give them a chance because of their mind and hunger to make it in America by working hard and educating themselves.

Let's make America work for us, and it will not be easy but go to the Library and learn all you can.  They cannot steal your knowledge.   Educate yourself formally but you can also do it informally for free.  

Friday, March 3, 2017

Real Reasons to Dissolve Some Friendships

Friendships are great.  We meet people in our lives and we share so much but there are times when a great friendship is on its way out.  Some of our friends are people we have known since childhood or different season and stages of our lives.  Talking and sharing our secrets was a mainstay of our relationship. As we grew as women and married, had children or experienced that dreaded Divorce we always knew that we had each other's back.

Friendships that was so sacred that our family didn't even know what we were going through because our dear friends were the keeper of our secrets.  At some point in our life's journey, we go through changes in jobs, kids, family, and locations, and we both notice that our visits and phone calls are getting fewer and fewer.  No one is mad or upset but it is just a sign that we are outgrowing our friendships.

Nothing ever stay's the same and I have come to realize that life's roads sometimes lead you into a new and different direction, and sometimes God has something new for you and new friendships for you to form.

Sometimes, someone has broken your trust and that shatters your relationship and there is no coming back and you must move on, never to return again.