Saturday, April 8, 2017

Earning prestige on your own merit.

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I have touched on this subject before because there are some people in this world who are looking for hand-outs or looking for the magic carpet to instantly appear out of nowhere.  You can learn a lot by putting in your own hard work.

 I remember Wendy Williams was talking to someone in her audience and she mentioned about the days when you lived in your first apartment and had mice or other pests in your the home and you toughened up and made it work out.

Let me go back and tell you about my very first apartment.  It was in a town where I had never lived and an apartment manager had taken me to another apartment first.  This apartment was so dingy, I cried. (really I did!)  I had never been on my own, and I was determined, but the vision that I had in my mind was not this one.

 I dreamed of a fully furnished apartment in the nice part of town, and everything was bright and beautiful, and I could just see myself entertaining my friends and enjoying my life.  Sad to say that this was not my reality.

  My reality at that time was ragged flooring, walls that desperately needed to be painted, and mice and other pests.  There was definitely drug selling and other things being sold in this neighborhood.

I could not imagine the beauty that could be created. Now I see a lot of ladies on Youtube showing how to make a less-than-perfect apartment beautiful, and it is really inspiring.

  We didn't have Youtube at that time but we all had that aunt who could create a palace out of a not-so-beautiful apartment.  This experience was a hard pill to swallow because it wasn't my dream but I have to say that this experience changed me.

 It changed the way I saw things and my perception.  It taught me how to be creative and appreciate the work that I had to put in and also the young lady who thought that she couldn't make it on her own. Made it!

It was hard but it showed me how to make some serious choices.  That is the key, choices because if you do not change the way you think, your outlook will remain very bleak.

 I can never forget those days when I had to stretch the orange juice by adding more water to it and the days that I ran out of my favorite floor cleaner and the day when my old car finally stopped running and I knew that I would have to rely on public transportation at that point.

 I didn't turn into this frugal queen by accident; I had to struggle.  The tools were always there but it was not something that someone could tell me or rescue me, it was life and life humbled this scared young lady.  I now know that I can make it no matter what.  If I can make it, you too!