Saturday, May 27, 2017

What are you all doing for Memorial Day?

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.  I am coming in to see what you all are doing for Memorial Day.  Recently, I had a conversation with someone regarding cook-outs.  I discussed the fact that you do not see many cook-outs due to problems with crime.  Many days I miss when our parents and aunts and uncles would have a cook-out and they would have plenty of food and delicious desserts.

Crime is rampant and many people have opted out of cook-outs in my area because of fights breaking out and murders.  Would love to go back to the peaceful days of getting together with family to celebrate.  I have many memories of the homemade ice cream that was made just for the occasion.

Going shopping is on the agenda for me and my family.  Will be catching those sales and then back home to relax.

I wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day and can you leave down in the comment section about the things you will be doing and you can also include a past memory?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Does Remy Ma And Jeannie Mai Really Get Along????

Image courtesy of Google Images

                                         Image courtesy of Google Images

I am a fan of Remy Ma, but I have been watching her on The Real talk show and they have invited her as a guest numerous times.  Every time I watch her I started to be a little annoyed with her dismissal of Jeannie Mai.  When Jeannie Mai speaks to Remy, she doesn't look Jeannie in the eye or even answers her questions, she continues to talk to the other host and Jeannie still tries to ask questions and chime in and she will act like she doesn't really hear her.

I was hoping that Remy Ma would be able to fill the spot that Tamar Braxton had on the show, but she must learn how to communicate with all the host.  She can do it but I hope someone speaks to her regarding this because it can bar her from getting viable employment on TV.  She is very beautiful and she is a beast in the rap game and I am sure that she can do a lot more.

We all can learn a lesson from this " no man or woman is an island"  communication with people from all backgrounds is very important.  It is not selling out to hold a decent conversation with someone and never let anyone affect your financial bottom line because of your actions.

Laughter is good medicine!

Laughter is great, it can help bring happiness into our lives.  It creates an atmosphere of well-being and it can also bring you out of depression. If you are going through hard times, bring laughter into your life.  Below are some videos of some great comedians.  Use it to bring some sunshine into your life.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day (What Makes Mom So Wonderful?)

                                            Image courtesy of Pixabay

Happy Mother's Day Ladies.  A mother is a nurturer because God put special qualities in her to create life, bring life, and make the family dynamic stronger.  She is blessed with the right words to say to her children and she is, in fact, a healer.  Healer because she can kiss a cut and magically it feels better.  When we are down and our day doesn't go right, she is there to encourage and bring a fresh perspective to the situation.  Her ears and her heart are always open and she is one of the few people who will really tell us the truth.

A mother is a Lion because she will protect her cubs at any cost and you better watch what you say about her children because she will rip you apart if you do not have anything positive to say.
Now, there are many women without children who I still consider a mom because if they have nurtured a child who wasn't their own, a plant that they help grow to new heights or a pet that they have nursed back to health, they are indeed a mom.

To all the single moms out there who have raised a child or children without the help of a man, my thanks go out to you for all of your struggles and hard work that you put into your children.  Believe me, they will never forget all that you have done for them.   Have a wonderful day and God bless you.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Last- Minute Mother's Day Ideas.

                                               Image Courtesy Of Pixabay

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!  We are very busy and we may forget to plan something special for our mother's on her special day.  Here are some tips or ideas that you can do at the last minute for your Mom.

                                Last-Minute Mother's Day Ideas

  • Take Mom to see a movie that she wants to see and dinner.
  • Get your Mom a manicure and something to eat afterward.
  • Cook a big dinner and invite her friends.
  • Download her favorite music and give her flowers and new picture frames with family pictures.
  • Take her on a trip to visit her relatives who doesn't live in town.
  • Take Mom on a train ride to her favorite shopping area and buy gifts there.
  • Pay someone to clean Mom's home from top to bottom and place card and flowers in every room.
  • Buy a big basket and purchase miscellaneous items of her favorite things.
  • Bring someone to her home to do her hair real pretty and purchase beautiful lingerie.
  • Take your Mom to a Jewelry store to purchase a beautiful diamond ring.

Monday, May 8, 2017

How to clean your wedding engagement ring The Rachel Dixon- products you...

There are many ways to clean your diamond engagement and wedding ring but I like this method.  I have used it myself and it thoroughly cleans your rings very well.  It doesn't cost much to keep those stones sparkly.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Hustling Backwards?

Recently I was watching a video about impoverished people and some use the term "hustling Backwards"  I was very intrigued about this term and I started to research it.

  I was appalled by its meaning.  It means to work or start a business activity or generally try to improve your life for the better and because of this, you lose income and resources that were previously available to you based on your income and instead of moving forward, you take ten steps backward.

 I find it keeps you in a stifled existence because of fear and the fear is definitely real.

I was really touched by this video because now I can understand how a person can feel like giving up because they are never able to successfully move up the ladder without genuine help from society.

 Sure. many people make mistakes in life but should they have to pay for it the rest of their lives when they are trying to do better.

There are some people who grew up in foster care or lost their parents due to death and they have nobody to help them.

To tell this person that they should work and when they do, are penalize into a position of stagnation because they lose valuable help such as; childcare voucher, food vouchers and rental programs for poor people.

They are not looking for a handout but if they are losing everything while trying to work and be successful, they tend to give up.

  This is a never ending cycle.  I agree with some of the commenter's that people should not have a lot of children that they cannot afford but, what if you had a husband and five kids and he dies, you would lose all of your support and it would be so hard to make it.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Road To Wealth!

It seems like there are specific things that wealthy people did before they got wealthy and the habits that they still practice to keep their wealth.  The videos below will inspire you to create wealth in your own life.