Thursday, July 13, 2017

Does Having A Relaxer In My Hair Erase My Blackness?

                                             Image Courtesy Of Pixabay

First, I want to say that my hair is natural.  It is natural because I suffer from Alopecia, so I decided to keep it in its natural state.

  Months ago, my daughter and I, had a conversation about natural hair due to the fact that she has worn it natural for a while and she asked me whether having a permanent relaxer would erase the fact that she was a black woman who is proud of her heritage.

 I told her no because our experience will never let us forget who we are.

My daughter finally decided to get her hair relaxed and she does find it to be more manageable.

 The truth and the fact are ladies, we hear no one question men about their hair or anything else, but we are quickly put under a microscope and examined about our reasons for doing anything.

I am proud of the natural hair movement, but we also have to let our ladies know that their hair should look well kept.

 I see so many beautiful ladies with gorgeous natural hair but will keep it real and say that there are other ladies who don't keep their natural hair looking its best.

  We have to take the time to keep our hair moisturized and put into attractive styles.  We know that when we had that permanent relaxer we tried to keep our hair curled or in a nice ponytail.

It takes the same effort to create a pretty hairstyle with natural hair.  Our blackness doesn't have anything to do with the way we style our hair.

 We will always be known as black women and I say rock any hairstyle that you want without explanations.

Also, I am not telling you to rush out and get a relaxer but I am telling you that nothing will change our experience.