Monday, August 21, 2017

Was The Eclipse A Warning?

Night, Moon, Eclipse, Supermoon
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Was the Eclipse, a warning to mankind?  The Bible warns us of many things and sometimes God gives us a sign of things to come.  You are to form your own opinion but I am coming from a Christian view and if you are, you may want to make some changes in your life.  Below are some videos for you to view regarding this subject.

Today You Can See The Eclipse.

Night, Moon, Eclipse, Supermoon
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There hasn't been an Eclipse in a very long time and today the Heavens are blessing us with the chance to see the Eclipse.  You have to be very careful not to look at the eclipse with your naked eye or you could sustain some major eye damage.

When I hear of an event such as this; I am reminded that God is in control of everything and he shows us great wonders, I don't know exactly why the Eclipse occurs but it is amazing.

Be wary of anyone trying to sell you fake glasses to see the Eclipse because the only one that is authorized has ISO on them.  You can also look online to see how to make a pin hole projector.

Below are songs with Eclipse in its title:

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Barcelona, Spain Our Prayers Are With You.

Barcelona, Square, Spain, Urban, City
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I just heard of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain.  We are living in some dangerous times and we do not know when terrorism will rear its ugly head.  I am praying for you all in Barcelona, Spain because every time I hear of any form of terrorism it brings me back to what happened on 911 in New York City.  I pray that these types of attacks will cease one day soon.

There are so many evil and cunning people in this world and if we would just find common ground with other countries, maybe we could come to a place where we can have a truce and some real conversations take place with our Presidents who would agree to take a different approach when dealing with these other countries that are known for terrorism, maybe the world could truly change for the better.

Whatever your faith is, remember to pray and pray without ceasing because prayer changes things.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

We Are Being Priced Out In New York And New Jersey ( Housing Crisis)

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I decided to do this post today because I was having a conversation with a couple of people regarding this subject.  In New York and New Jersey, there are many new buildings going up and this is causing cities to become overcrowded.  Many of these buildings are located near trains that run into Manhattan, NY and although it can be a perfect solution for a commuter it is a nightmare and a strain on cities already crowded buses and trains and the severe parking limitations.

 Schools in these areas have to deal with the added pressure on the schools because of overcrowding.  I also have to mention the strain on our pocketbooks. In my area, there are studio apartments going for $2000.00 Per month. This has really affected small communities such as where I live.  I come from a small, what used to be a suburban area and miss the glory days of the tree lined streets, neighborhood watch, and neighbors that we knew and could trust if something went wrong in the neighborhood.  We had each other backs and it was a good environment to grow up in.

At this time, I am being priced out my neighborhood due to extreme increases in rent and I can see the signs of gentrification taking place.  To be priced out of a place that you have built your roots is heartbreaking.  Where are the poor, elderly and disabled going to go, something must be done about this situation?  We have sat on our hands too long while our towns are being overrun by this so-called luxury apartments.

Lots of people are complaining about riding around for hours just to find a parking space.  We pay a lot of taxes in these towns and causing a lot of homeowners to give up and move out of State. I was searching for a reasonable apartment and did not find not one because the prices are out of this world.

I don't want to move out of State but may have to, to be able to live in a place that cares about its residents.  Please leave a comment if this is happening in your State.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Is He Guilty (Usher) Or Did You Not Protect Yourself?

Hello, everyone, I just wanted to weigh in on the situation about the singer Usher Raymond possibly giving people the Herpes Virus and I want to say that no matter who you have a relationship with whether or not it is casual or long term, you have the responsibility of telling the other person whether you have an STD, but I will also say that it is your responsibility to protect yourself.  I do not care how famous a person is.  Of course, I don't know all the details of this story but never put your life in someone else hands.

There are many ways to prevent catching an STD and I will not go into it in this post but you cannot blame anyone if you are being careless.  People make mistakes and I am quite aware of this but we cannot continue this madness.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It Is Never To Late To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks.

Hello, everyone, I was doing some research today regarding blogging and social media and decided that my approach was wrong in many areas.  Sometimes we get complacent and unable to absorb change and that really hinders your growth.  Blogging was and still is my hobby but I decided that I want to honestly do more with it.  Not completely sure what direction I am going to go with this blog and whether I will keep it the same or add additional elements to my blog.

I appreciate each and every one of you supporting my blog and other social media efforts and will post more often than before to really pin point the changes that I want to make.  You all know that I like to focus on more than one subject but if you would like for me to concentrate on one or two subjects please comment below and let me know what you think.

Again, thank you for your support and will chat with you all soon.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

When I Lost My Voice. My Story Of Living With A Chronic Illness.

Thermometer, Headache, Pain, Pills
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When I Lost My Voice.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from time to time I will touch on my story of living with an invisible illness.  I told my story on Youtube so many of you know about my illness.  It is such a struggle to have to live with pain and suffering day to day.  Today I am honestly in a depressed state because I am tired of the preparation, inability to live a normal life, the judgment from healthy people, and the life that I lived prior to being diagnosed with this illness.  For those who do not know, I have Congestive Hearth Failure, Diabetes, COPD, and Asthma.

Normally, I try to be upbeat about my illness and pretend that I am normal but normal is what I will never be because of what being ill has stolen away from me.  I have lost precious moments, time that I cannot get back.  I have to plan my medications for the day, preparing in advance for outings because I am on water pills and that can be a problem because you may not be close to public bathroom facilities.

Being ill will take a toll on you financially because you always have to think before buying anything and even though I plan everything, sometimes I want to be spontaneous. I am going on a family trip very soon and I am terrified because of all the advance planning that I will have to encounter.  The meals that I will not be able to enjoy like everyone else, the lines of people waiting to go into the ladies room.

I have lost my freedom to live the life that I wanted for myself, the opportunities that I have dreamed of. Being thankful for another day is my prayer and will never give up my faith but being ill is no walk in the park, it is a sentence that can never be acquitted.   

Billy Ocean On Good Day NY. Wow!

Billy Ocean is on Good Day NY.  We have really missed his voice.   I truly enjoyed the interview and he has the same face but I do not care for his matted hairstyle, but this is a man that we will forever love.

I can remember various times in my life where I could hear his soundtrack and they bring back so many memories.  Would like to see this man more in the near future. He presents himself in an elegant manner.  If he is performing in your area, be sure to get tickets and show your support.