Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My Blogging Future.

My blogging future.

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I have been blogging for some time now and it is more rewarding than I thought it would be. Constantly I am meeting some fantastic people from this platform.

Was thinking about the future of my blogging and the steps to take to make it grow bigger and better. I have been doing product reviews for years on my YouTube page: right here. (shameless plug) and I have added some of them here on my blog.

My future blogging will include a lot more product reviews and I will be seeking out more blogging opportunities in the near future.

My blog is an extension of myself and I love having an opportunity to express myself and would love to do some guest posting.

I don't know whether you all are into long blog post's but I enjoy doing them and want to touch on some more intense subjects. 

Also, I would like to go to some blogging conferences to learn more about this field and learn more about marketing my blog.

Next year, I would like to be blogging full-time and make a full-time income from it and definitely will be finding ways to make this happen.

What did I find out about blogging?  It is a lot of hard work and you have to be consistent to make it work to your satisfaction, it definitely isn't a "get rich quick scheme" because it takes a considerable amount of time before people even notice your blog.

Want more interaction on my blog and in the near future, get my own domain because you are in charge of your content when you have your own domain.

The near future will include more affiliate opportunities because those of us who blog need money to grow our blog because advertising is a necessity.

Hope you all have been enjoying my blog and if you do, please let me know in the comment section.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Aquafor Really Does Soothe Dry Skin (Eczema)

Aquafor Really Does Soothe Dry Skin (Eczema)

I did a post regarding my Eczema and Psoriasis and the medications for these disorders only works for a short time so I started using Aquafor and found that it really does give me some relief from my dry skin.

It is not a cure but it is a product that I can use in addition to my medications or use this in the daytime and use my meds at night.  Talk to your Dermatologist to see if he or she thinks it is a good product for you to try as well.

This product can be expensive at times so please look in your local newspaper to see if there are coupons available.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Teacher Tells Student To Speak American (Commentary)

Teacher tells student to speak American (Commentary)

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I am sure by now, you have all heard the story about the Teacher in Cliffside Park, New Jersey school, told a student to speak American.

The Cliffside Park community is full of people from a lot of different Spanish speaking Countries so you are bound to hear Spanish speaking all over this city.

There is supposed to be a protest concerning this incident and I believe that it is the right of the students to protest, however, the teacher was right but her delivery was wrong, she should have expressed to the students, why it is better that they should speak American English.

The fact is, when you go for a job in the United States of America, you will go on that job speaking English unless  you are hired by Spanish employers or they are looking for someone who is bi-lingual.

It is important that bi-lingual students speak perfect English because during their career in the workforce, they will need to communicate effectively.

I have known people who have been in this country for forty years or more and cannot speak English and it is very sad.

It should be a requirement to speak English if you want to be an American Citizen.  You are very marketable if you are bi-lingual but your English must be easily understood.

My hope is that this situation can be resolved within this school district to everyone's satisfaction.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

You Are Terrified Of Being Successful And You Are Stifling Yourself

You are terrified of being successful and you are stifling yourself.

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Hello, everyone, I decided to do this post because I have been in this situation myself.  Sometimes you are presented with opportunities and because they are new, or foreign, you are completely terrified.

Whether it is a new job or a new move, you can be so scared of the unknown and you will start to talk yourself out of being successful.

There are many instances where this occurs and I have seen people who want to move out of a bad environment and when they make the move, they are still unsatisfied, why? because they are scared that things may actually go their way in a more positive direction.

I am sure many of you have seen people who have been in bad relationships and finally find a good one will do everything in their power to ruin or get out of a good relationship because they are programmed for failure.

We can want to make changes but if we don't push forward in spite of adversity we may never get to the place where we want to be in life.

Life is hard, very hard, and if you continue to sit on your hands or make excuses, you will be stuck and stifled because of your decisions.

I have some projects in the works right now and I am frankly scared to death, scared of not making it but also scared of all the work that will have to go into making this project work to my satisfaction.

Nothing in life comes easy so I will say that you should try anyhow because if not you will never know and you will have regrets.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Beauty Really Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.

                                Beauty Really Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Today was really an eye-opener for me. I had to go to a meeting and it was requested that I not wear makeup to this meeting and this was really hard.

Since I am in my middle ages I have been wearing makeup for a while and don't get me wrong, I love my makeup because it makes me feel secure, sophisticated and beautiful, but I got to a point where I didn't leave the house without it.

I also wear makeup at home and today I walked around all day without a stitch of makeup on.  At first, I was self-conscious but I strolled past a mirror and I said " not bad, not bad" I had to accept me for who I was.

I have many flaws but it comes a time when you have to accept you and your flaws and just be beautiful, beautiful because you are alive and your face is uniquely yours. 

Being a confident woman is beautiful to me, wearing my age is my testimony of who I am and where I have been.  Life was never easy but it is so beautiful to be an inspiration to young women who are at a place where I have been in my life.

No matter how old you are, you can be beautiful because your light, experience, and your grace will shine through.

I will still wear makeup but I am going to go out more and show my natural glow of my bare skin.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder because when you are at your worse someone will still find you beautiful and if they don't you will when you accept yourself.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Now Is A Good Time To Get Your Bed Linen And Spruce Up Your Home For The Fall

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Fall is here and now it is a good time to go through your bed linens and see what you need to toss out and what you need to replace.  There are so many sales going on right now and it is a lot of nice things available to you right now. Look online or go to multiple stores to find your perfect sheet set.

It is also the best time to get out your favorite comforter that was stored away for the summer and take it to the laundromat if your washing machine at home isn't big enough and wash and get your comforter ready for cold weather that will be on its way very soon.

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It is also a good time to get some nice towels to spruce up your decor for the coming holiday season.  Walmart and Target usually have a nice selection of towels to be had at some great prices.

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You can find fall decorations at many dollar stores such as; Dollar Tree or go to Home Goods and see their fabulous decorating ideas to add to your home.
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Take advantage of nature and make some of your most creative fall decorative masterpieces.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Animal Print Has Always Been In Style, You Better Get Yours!

Animal Print Has Always Been In Style, You Better Get yours.

There is no secret that I have always loved animal print. I love how you can bring out a very plain outfit and make it fun and exciting.

This coat is perfect to put on top of an all-black outfit or even a bright red color if you want to be daring and really stand-out.

They say that animal print is a new neutral but I say that animal print is a staple that needs to be in your wardrobe.

This is a print that you can buy once and bring it back out year after year and these items can always be found in your local store but also at your local thrift store.

I saw an animal print vest at my last visit to my thrift store and I wish I had purchased it.  My favorite animal print item that I own is a pair of shoes that I have been wearing for years and it takes my outfits from boring to spicy.

If you are not a big animal print lover then you could add animal print accents such as belts, hats, gloves, boots, and handbags, that will give you a pop of animal print without being overwhelmed by it.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hungry Kids ( It Is Heartbreaking!)

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This image is so heartbreaking to me.  To think that kids go to bed every day without a meal just makes me sad and it also makes me angry.

  Instead of fighting over minute problems regarding race and what goes on in other countries, there are kids and families that suffer every day because of the lack of money and food.

In America, we throw away food every day that could be given to families to feed their families.

Fast food restaurants toss food out that have been sitting for a few minutes, why not have an organization come to the restaurant to give that food that is being wasted, to needy families.

 We as ordinary consumers can take clean, healthy food, that our families would waste and give it to someone who is living on the street.

  You can offer a child who comes to your home, some food, yes, it is as easy as that.

We must get back to caring about one another because you never know, you may be in that place one day and need help, yourself.

Below, you will see a video that my YouTube sister made on this subject.  Please go over to her channel and subscribe, share and like her videos.  https://www.youtube.com/user/Traadama4

How To Be A Blessing By Donating Your Used Clothes.

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How to be a blessing by donating your used clothes.

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We have always heard the phrase " be a blessing" but a lot of us don't realize that we can take the smallest things to bless other people.  I have seen many people take good clothes and just toss them in the garbage because they are tired of them.

Do you realize that there are so many people who love to get those beautiful clothes that you are tired of so they can have a change of clothing to wear on a daily basis?

With all the natural disasters that we have been having, there are so many people who need clothes and you can do an online search to see what organizations that will take your clothes and do not sell them for profit.

It is nothing wrong with wanting to change your wardrobe and make sure that all the items that you donate are clean, without holes, and in good condition.

I am sure that you are going to go shopping after you have donated your used clothing and you will need some beautiful jewelry to go with all those tops and dresses that you are going to purchase, if you are interested you can go to this site and find rings, bracelets, and necklaces to bring your fabulous finds, out.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Do You Regret Buying A Moissanite Ring?

                                 Do You Regret Buying A Moissanite Ring?

I have been looking into buying a Moissanite Ring for a while now.  Last week, I went to a national  Jewelry store chain, and I asked whether or not, they carried Moissanite and the salesperson said yes.

  I was so anxious to see this stone and she showed me a three-carat solitaire and it was so big and beautiful.

  I saw a lot of rainbows jumping out at me and she quoted me a price of three thousand dollars. I really like the sparkle of the ring but I did think that it was not the perfect alternative to a diamond for that price because it was a little too much color to be believable.

 I put it on my finger and it made me feel so wonderful to have it on.

The salesperson was pushing me extra hard to finance this ring and I told her no, I would have to take my time to decide whether this ring was for me.

 She then showed me a one carat  Moissanite  and the size was more believable and she told me that this ring was one thousand dollars.

 This Moissanite still had a lot of rainbow color flashes, and I would say that it is wise to accept this stone for what it is and do not try to pass it as a diamond because there is a profound difference.

 Honestly, I think that I will still buy a Moissanite but I will not pay one thousand or three thousand dollars because I think that it is too much for this type of stone.

What the salesperson didn't know, I saw a one-carat Moissanite Solitaire Ring on eBay and it is being sold for $215.00.

  I was looking around in this Jewelry store to see what Moissanite really looked like and I have come to the conclusion, I will eventually buy a Moissanite but I refuse to pay retail for it.

Anyone, looking to buy this stone for an engagement ring, please check with the person you are buying it for to see if they would be okay wearing this type of stone.  I personally would not go over a carat stone because the bigger it is, screams "I am fake."

If you are a person who likes extreme bling, then this ring would be for you, but, please see it in person to make your final decision.  When I purchase my ring, I will show it to you all.