Monday, October 2, 2017

Do You Regret Buying A Moissanite Ring?

                                 Do You Regret Buying A Moissanite Ring?

I have been looking into buying a Moissanite Ring for a while now.  Last week, I went to a national  Jewelry store chain, and I asked whether or not, they carried Moissanite and the salesperson said yes.

  I was so anxious to see this stone and she showed me a three-carat solitaire and it was so big and beautiful.

  I saw a lot of rainbows jumping out at me and she quoted me a price of three thousand dollars. I really like the sparkle of the ring but I did think that it was not the perfect alternative to a diamond for that price because it was a little too much color to be believable.

 I put it on my finger and it made me feel so wonderful to have it on.

The salesperson was pushing me extra hard to finance this ring and I told her no, I would have to take my time to decide whether this ring was for me.

 She then showed me a one carat  Moissanite  and the size was more believable and she told me that this ring was one thousand dollars.

 This Moissanite still had a lot of rainbow color flashes, and I would say that it is wise to accept this stone for what it is and do not try to pass it as a diamond because there is a profound difference.

 Honestly, I think that I will still buy a Moissanite but I will not pay one thousand or three thousand dollars because I think that it is too much for this type of stone.

What the salesperson didn't know, I saw a one-carat Moissanite Solitaire Ring on eBay and it is being sold for $215.00.

  I was looking around in this Jewelry store to see what Moissanite really looked like and I have come to the conclusion, I will eventually buy a Moissanite but I refuse to pay retail for it.

Anyone, looking to buy this stone for an engagement ring, please check with the person you are buying it for to see if they would be okay wearing this type of stone.  I personally would not go over a carat stone because the bigger it is, screams "I am fake."

If you are a person who likes extreme bling, then this ring would be for you, but, please see it in person to make your final decision.  When I purchase my ring, I will show it to you all.

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