Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ariel Is One, Great, Laundry Detergent.

Ariel Is One, Great, Laundry Detergent.

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.  It is almost December and I don't know about you but I am on a budget so I can get Christmas gifts for my family.

A lot of us have to cut corners every way we can and I am a product reviewer and I love, love, love Laundry Detergents.  I try all kinds and there are many that I love and Ariel Laundry Detergent is one of them.

Ariel is made by Proctor & Gamble and they manufacture well known and great household products such as; Dawn dish detergent, Bounty paper towels, Tide laundry detergent, Crest toothpaste, Downy fabric softener and etc.

So you know, Ariel must be a great product.  I love Ariel so much because it is affordable, it only cost me $1.00 for this 250 gr bag of detergent and it is very concentrated.  Ariel smells really good, you can add fabric softener but you really don't have to.

I use half a cup to clean a full load of clothes and you can use less or more depending on whether you have hard water or not.  It can be used successfully in white, lights and dark clothes.

It cleans my clothes very well and keeps me looking good.  I find my Ariel in Family Dollar, Bravo Supermarket, CTown Supermarket and some other retailers.

I have been washing a lot of my delicate items by hand and I love the concentration of Ariel Laundry detergent and I don't have to add a lot to get the results that I need.

Finding a high-quality laundry detergent for a good price is always my goal.  Make sure that you try this detergent and let me know how you like it.

Friday, November 24, 2017

What Is Old Is New Again.

                                           What Is Old Is New Again

I saw these shoes last week and I said "Oh, No!"  These shoes were in style many years ago and I didn't think that they were attractive then.

Not going to revisit this style for me but if you love it, then you can find it at your local, trendy, clothing store.

I have seen these shoes many times at my local thrift store for literally pennies on the dollar and you can learn how to sanitize them yourself.

We don't have to go broke for these old fashions that have made a comeback.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Why is everybody so mad at Gene Simmons (KISS)?

Why is everybody so mad a Gene Simmons (KISS)?

People, Woman, Mother, Child, Kid, Baby
Image Courtesy Of Pixabay.

Gene Simmons says "Women can't have a career and kids."  Many people were appalled when Gene Simmons said this but I had to really think about it and I came to the conclusion, he is right.

There are so many women working and have children and a lot of them are doing a great job but you can miss out on a lot of special times with your children because you may be working many hours to put food on the table.

Some families have grandparents who step in and take care of their grandchildren while their Mom is at work, but, there are Women out there who do not have anyone to look after their kids, or they cannot spend much time with their children because when they come home the kids are in bed sleeping.

If you are in your twenties and you are in the workforce and your career is moving to the next level, you may put off having children and later on, you decide to have children and you may be unable to get pregnant.

My Mom was very hardworking and had a great career but there were times I didn't get to spend time with my Mom because she was working all the time and she had to sleep when she was home, so she could work and provide for our family.

There are so many women out there who don't have a choice because they may be a single parent and doing it all by themselves.

New laws should be passed to give Mother's more time with their children and allow them to still earn a good income.

Gene Simmons grew up in a very poor household so he has lived and gone without many times until he learned how to hustle and make money.  His Mother, Flora Klein and her brother were Holocaust survivors.

If you are a Mom and you travel a lot on your job, you are missing out on some critical times in your kid's lives.  I am not bashing Women because I know how difficult it can be but if you ask your children whether they would like you to be home or work fewer hours I am sure many will say yes.

I would love to hear your comment regarding this subject and even if you don't agree please express your feelings on this matter.

My Nightly Hair Regimen ( Organic Root Stimulator)

My Nightly Hair Regimen (Organic Root Stimulator)

Hello, Ladies, I picked up the Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil because 
I remember using it a while ago and frankly, don't remember the results that I
had with this product.

My hair has been natural five or six years and my hair is very thin
due to Alopecia.  I decided a few months ago that I was going
to try once more to restore my hair.

  When I saw this Organic Root Stimulator in the Beauty Supply store I
thought that I would give this product a try again.

When I opened the jar it looked a lot like Mayonaise and it smelled
similar.  I know it is supposed to have carrot oil in there but
I didn't smell carrots at all.

I was a little put off by the smell of this product so I said to myself
" I will not waste my money and will try it anyway"  I began to use
a little of this product on my scalp and the ends of my hair nightly,
before I went to bed.

I put my hair in two braids and slept with a stocking cap on 
because I didn't want to get this product on my pillows.

Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil can be a bit greasy but
I have to say that I am having some success with this product.

I will not make any false claims but my hair feels very soft and I
have no tangles in my hair.  It makes the texture of my hair look
very nice.

Have not noticed yet whether my hair is getting thicker but this
carrot oil really moisturizes and conditions my hair.

If it is too greasy, you can actually lightly shampoo your hair
or apply less product to your hair.  I still do not like the fragrance
but, all in all, it is a good product.

I will keep using it till it is finished and see if my hair is thicker and whether
I am retaining length.  

You can see in this photo how moisturized my hair is and you can 
see the definition of my curls.

Go to your local Supermarket, Beauty Supply store, Walmart, or order this
product online.  It is a great product!

Disclaimer:  This product was purchased by me for my own personal use.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

What I Am Using Right Now For My Eczema.

What I Am Using Right Now For My Eczema.

Last month, I showed you all a picture of my flare up and the picture is below.

My breakouts were really bad and I tried everything that I could get
my hands on.  It was dark and crusty and embarrassing. I have had
Eczema my whole life and it is really difficult to treat this disorder.

My Dermatologist showed me how to bathe and not destroy my skin
because soap and water is our enemy. My Dermatologist told me to 
use less soap or no soap but I have to bathe, I refused to sponge bath.

Eczema is a lifelong disorder and it can be scarring.

My doctor gave me this cream Triamcinolone Acetonide
Ointment 0.5% and it is helping a little. My rash is much
lighter and it is slowly but surely going away. 

 My doctor told me to use this cream two weeks off and then 
use it again in two weeks.

You will see the progress made in the next photo.

It is by no means, fully cured but you can see it is working 
and I will have to be patient until it is fully cleared.

* If you have this disorder make sure you use your medicine the way
your doctor asked you to so you can get better results.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Daily Goodie Box Review

Disclosure:  I received one or more items for free to write this review.  The words and opinions are mine and may differ from yours.

Hello, everyone, I received my first Daily Goodie Box and I was so excited because as you all know I am a product junkie.  Just love getting great products to review and learning about products that I have never heard about.

This Goodie Box is indeed filled to the brim with wonderful products.

                                Yes, this box is more than just Free Samples!

                                 This box is packed so neatly.

                                  Oh, yes, time to get to the good stuff!

This is all the wonderful things that came in the Daily Goodie Box.

This Ginger Tea is so delicious.  I felt like I was coming down with
a cold or something yesterday and today I tried this Tea and it really 
soothe my sore throat.

It was very easy to prepare this Tea, all I had to do was add
hot or cold water.  Didn't even have to add sugar because 
the Honey was just right.

This Tea is perfect to have anytime and it has a slightly spicy taste.

If you would like to purchase the
Prince Of Peace- Lemon Honey Ginger Crystals you
can get it here

These cookies are fantastic.  It is a perfect blend of a cookie, toffee
wafer and the chocolate are very smooth tasting without being too sweet.
The toffee has a rich buttery taste. Makes the perfect snack.

If you would like to purchase Deserts On Us_
Milk Chocolate Macadamia Cookies, you 
can get it right here.

Black Forest Organic Sour Heads are definitely sour and sweet
and I love the great fruit taste of these sour heads. 
You and your kids will love these.

They are chewy good!

If you think you would like to purchase the Black Organic- Sour Heads, 
you can find it right here

If you are drinking alcohol,  this product is to be taken
before you start and it soothes your stomach. The taste of the strawberry lemonade is 
tangy and good and only has thirty calories and that is a plus.

The packet is small enough to fit in your handbag or pocket and it
is so easy to prepare.  If you would like to purchase it
You can find Vive- Hangover Prevention

Fix- Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce is good, I tried
it on my chicken wings and it had a spicy, nutty taste if that
makes sense. 

It was very hot but it made my wings taste so much better and it 
had my wings tasting like restaurant food and it is
full of flavor.

It comes in convenient packets.

You can get Fix- Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce 

I drank some Liquid Ice- Energy Drinks yesterday
and I had plenty of energy throughout the day and it didn't 
make me crash.

It has a good crisp taste and the can was a perfect size.
The colors of the can is so attractive and this drink
had me wanting more.

What an amazing product!

If you would like to purchase this fantastic Energy Drink, go to
Liquid Ice-Energy Drinks here.

I was surprised to get Mirabella - Black
Magic Marker Eyeliner in my Daily
Goodie Box because I was searching for
an eyeliner that would go on easy.

I tried to do a cat eye with some of the other brands
and I would be stuck with Raccoon eyes.

This eyeliner gave me the look that I was looking for.
The color of this eyeliner is perfect to use for a smokey eye
as well.  

If you have been searching for the perfect eyeliner, this is it and you can
purchase your own Mirabella- Black
Magic Marker Eyeliner

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping and I decided to try Napz out
to see if it really works. I took it around 8:30 Pm and I fell to sleep around 9:25 pm. 
I have to say, I had a very restful night.

This product isn't full of a lot of artificial ingredients and it 
came in a nice sized bottle. 

You get sixty veggie capsules. Will definitely be getting
this again, to prepare for the times I cannot sleep.

Maybe you are not getting enough rest, I would suggest
that you check this product out to see
if it would help you sleep.

Napz- All Natural Sleep Solution

I received Pure Cosmetics- Pure Illumination
Light Up Lip Gloss.
This Lip Gloss is very lightweight and it 
moisturizes without shining like a mirror.

The color is Pure Pink B69 and it looks like a pink mauve color.
When I applied it to my lips, it went on evenly
and it has a light smell to it.  The color
is very sheer.

This Lip Gloss has a button to turn on the light and
I think that is a plus. It feels like a 
high-quality product to me.

To buy your own Pure Cosmetics- Pure Illumination Light Up

Thank You, Daily Goodie Box For
Sending Me These Wonderful Products!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Are You A Team Player Or Are You All For Yourself?

Are You A Team Player Or Are You All For Yourself?

I have been in social media for about five years now and I have seen it all.  Friendships created online some who are genuine and some who are full of BS.

We work very hard in this field to build ourselves and our business to a certain standard because there will always be new rules and methods to contend with.

 Most of the time we are working hard and there isn't no financial reward in sight but we still share and work our craft to the best of our knowledge. A big part of social media is sharing and promoting and it is time-consuming.

What I am seeing so much of that I am totally angry about is a number of people looking for you to be their provider and savior and what I mean is people who are looking for you to give them all the answers or promote them but they are totally waiting around not trying to do anything for themselves bottom feeding off you and your skills.

I don't mind helping anyone but I actually have helped people but when they got on their feet and they were in the position to help me, they couldn't be found at all.

They leeched their way into my life to see what I was doing and get me to help them but now they act like I am dead.

 On the other hand, I have some really good friends and associates where we exchange ideas and I appreciate the positivity and loyalty these people have shown me.

Finally, I found my happy place in a FaceBook group for bloggers and have found that the ladies involved are so genuine and willing to help.

When someone befriends you online make sure that you check out their website or blog and see who this person is and what their mode of operandi is because I have seen some real criminals at work online and people running a con-game are in abundance.

I am going to show you some examples below.

  • People are interested in your services or expertise and they message you to get you to give them the service for free.
  • If you become friendly with someone online and they try to make you feel guilty for not giving them gifts or money.
  • Sometimes they try to get you to promote their site or products and say that they will give you money if the product sells and it sells and they give you nothing.
  • These people research you online to see how much money you make and how much you are worth and they come out of the blue to make friends and then they give you a hard-luck story.
  • Get you to order something from their website so they can steal your credit card information.
  • Ask you to set up Gofundme in your name and give them the money.
  • Use their children to use you for a bank ( calling you their online godmother) silly but true.
  • Borrow money from you saying that they are about to be homeless and they are living better than you are and never pay you back and disappear.
  • They are using a lot of aliases online is definitely a no-no.
  • You see online where they have committed fraud.

There are many other examples, but please be careful and follow your intuition regarding this.

Never Thought We Would Have To Be Fearful About Going To Church.

Never thought we would have to be fearful about going to church.

Country Church, Scenery, Trees, Autumn
Image Courtesy Pixabay

Yesterday there was a shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  There were 26 church members killed.

I will never understand why someone would choose a place of worship to kill and disturb the peace of the parishioners and it is really a sick thing to do.

Americans killing other Americans is ridiculous when we have so many other countries against us at this time.  My wish is that one day we will come to a place where we will learn how to get along and make America into a place we can be proud of.

President Donald Trump's slogan is "Let's Make America Great Again", it is a great thought but until we get serious about gun control these senseless murders will not cease.

We are concentrating on religion and cultural differences and this thinking is a poison that is destroying our great nation.

Never thought that we would have to be fearful about going to church but we are becoming a nation where fear encompasses our every move.

The Bible did speak about this time and it seems like we are living in the last days.  I will be praying for peace for this country and I hope you will too.

I don't care about your religion because religion itself is manmade but keep yourself grounded and pray that God will change the heart of the American Citizens and for the world to see us as an example and follow suit.

May God Help Us!