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Monday, June 12, 2017

Are Generational Curses Holding You Back? (Commentary)

Generational curses are words that we usually hear from the preacher of the local church.  Some people don't know exactly what it means so I will include a definition here: Generational curses are traits or characteristics that are carried from generation to generation. In my opinion, they are usually negative. You will find some families that followed the same path in life such as; crime, a familial circumstance in regards to unplanned pregnancy, unemployment and the inability to move forward in a positive light.

I have my own generational curses that I am trying to combat.  Changing my thought patterns and negative thinking is something that has been a hard habit to break.  Learning to change the negative words that come out of my mouth is an uphill battle but with practice, I am surely learning and seeing some positive changes.

When you are changing, people will take your change as an insult to them or they will think that you think you are better than everybody.  My plan in life is to continue surrounding myself with positive people so we can learn and grow and help each other in our endeavors towards success.

I have even noticed that my manner of speech is learned from my environment and I don't completely count that as a negative thing but it is good to learn how to communicate with not only people from your neighborhood but the world in general.  In order to grow, you will have to do things that you are not comfortable with.

I will never change anything about myself to satisfy the masses but when you feel that change is in order, that is the green light to bring positive and satisfying changes into your life.  It will not happen overnight.  You do not even have to discuss this with anyone because there will be people who will oppose you at every turn.

When you decide to break generational curses people will not be happy with you and you may have to separate yourself and going forward alone will be very uncomfortable but the outcome will truly be better than the test.

I have separated myself from many of my friends from the past because they could not accept me and they were still doing the same negative things that they were doing twenty years ago.

Think about some of the generational curses that you would like to banish from your life and I assure you that positive changes will appear.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Does Remy Ma And Jeannie Mai Really Get Along????

Image courtesy of Google Images

                                         Image courtesy of Google Images

I am a fan of Remy Ma, but I have been watching her on The Real talk show and they have invited her as a guest numerous times.  Every time I watch her I started to be a little annoyed with her dismissal of Jeannie Mai.  When Jeannie Mai speaks to Remy, she doesn't look Jeannie in the eye or even answers her questions, she continues to talk to the other host and Jeannie still tries to ask questions and chime in and she will act like she doesn't really hear her.

I was hoping that Remy Ma would be able to fill the spot that Tamar Braxton had on the show, but she must learn how to communicate with all the host.  She can do it but I hope someone speaks to her regarding this because it can bar her from getting viable employment on TV.  She is very beautiful and she is a beast in the rap game and I am sure that she can do a lot more.

We all can learn a lesson from this " no man or woman is an island"  communication with people from all backgrounds is very important.  It is not selling out to hold a decent conversation with someone and never let anyone affect your financial bottom line because of your actions.